Creative Shade Ideas for Synthetic Grass in Charlotte NC

lawnhomecare Aug 24, 2021 Artificial Grass Hacks
Creative Shade Ideas for Synthetic Grass in Charlotte NC

Synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC are a great way to add some fun and color to your landscape. With the variety of options available, you can really create something unique that will help transform or beautify any area in your yard. With the ability to be placed in almost any location and capable of withstanding heavy traffic, synthetic lawns are a great choice for kids play areas or even an outdoor living room.

While synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC looks good at first sight, there might be one thing that bothers you – lack of shade because it’s usually exposed to sunlight without enjoying any shade. So you might have to go for an artificial lawn that is designed with some shade in mind, or add your own.

Here are a few options available:

  • Layering the grass matting so it’s thicker (you can get at least 30% more thickness than regular synthetic lawn) and therefore providing more shade.
  • Use a mat made of natural material such as coir or coconut bark that will provide some shade but be still cool to the touch in hot weather – just make sure it’s not too thick and doesn’t pile up because this might damage your lawn. Also, if you have pets or kids, watch out for sharp and spiky pieces.
  • Consider using a tree for shade – you can plant it right on the lawn or in your backyard near synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC, but make sure to pick one that’s not too close so as not to damage your grass by blocking its sunlight rays. Also consider how long will it take before getting enough sun that will be blocked by the tree.
  • Another option is to create a bit of roof using an old deck or some other material you have on hand, and attach it to your synthetic lawn with zip ties so it won’t move in high wind. This can provide plenty of shade that might last into the evening too if used right.
  • Another creative way to add shade is to go for a synthetic lawn that has some built-in shade – many of the suppliers have this option, so it’s worth looking into. For instance, you can go for a darker shade of green or even create some pattern that will provide the needed sunlight protection.
  • Finally, you can also build a gazebo, which will provide shade and an additional area for relaxation and other parts of your yard, like putting greens in Charlotte, NC.

You can also get creative and use some other materials to create a shade for your synthetic lawn. Just make sure that it’s not too heavy because if you fail, the material might damage or even tear apart your grass matting. For more tips, contact your local installers today!