Surprising Putting Green Features You Can Add to the Best Artificial Grass in San Antonio, TX

lawnhomecare Aug 18, 2021 Backyard Designs
Surprising Putting Green Features

One of the best ways to have a relaxing and fun day is to spend it golfing. If you are not fortunate enough to live near a golf course, then you can add features like bunkers, water hazards, and sand traps to a putting green made of the best artificial grass in San Antonio TX. This blog post will discuss some of the most popular features that people install on their backyards putting greens so they can enjoy all aspects of golf without being too far away from home!

Awesome Features You Can Add to Your Backyard Putting Green

Golfers usually purchase a putting green as an outdoor activity space for use in their backyard. For those who want to take it up another notch, there is the option of adding some golf features such as bunkers and water hazards.


Bunkers are one way you can make your yard more challenging by strategically placing them on or around your green. A bunker is simply defined as a “depression in the earth” that is designed to “catch” your golf ball. Bunkers can be constructed with sand, peat moss and dirt or any other loose material. They are typically placed in the front of greens to slow down golfers as they approach the hole on artificial turf in San Antonio TX.

Water Hazards

Water hazards are another way to make things more interesting and add a new dimension of challenge to the game. Popular types of water hazards include ponds, lakes and streams. They are typically placed on the side of a green to force golfers to hit their ball over it in order for it to have a chance at going into the hole.

If you have enough space, it is possible that both bunkers and water hazards can be added in one area without messing with any of the other features on your green. However, if there isn’t enough room, you can also opt to have a smaller area for each of these features.

The following are some other things that may be added to make the green more challenging:

  • A pond and waterfall
  • Multiple greens in different parts of your yard or even just one large hole with multiple pin placements
  • Hazards such as trees or brush
  • Multiple holes with different sand traps and bunkers
  • An outdoor bar for players to enjoy a drink after their game is over

Outdoor Living Features for Your Putting Green

Additionally, you can also add other features to the best artificial grass in San Antonio TX such as a garden and tree house, depending on the space you have available.

These features can be a surprising way to add interest and make your yard more fun for you and the people who visit. Plus, it’s a great way to get the kids outside and active, while you all enjoy your beautiful putting green!

Get Started!

If you’re looking to add a new recreational activity for friends and family, consider adding a backyard putting green plus other outdoor features for artificial grass in San Antonio TX. With the help of an experienced turf installer from your area, you can build yourself one that includes everything from bunkers to water hazards depending on how much time and effort you want to put into it.