5 Creative Ways to Design a Front Yard with Atlanta Grass Installation

lawnhomecare Jul 20, 2021 Artificial Grass Hacks
5 Creative Ways to Design a Front Yard with Atlanta

Atlanta artificial grass is a great way to spruce up your front yard. Atlanta grass installation companies are experts at installing turf in an aesthetically pleasing way that will improve the functionality and curb appeal of your front yard at the same time. Atlanta turf replacement services can even be used to replace existing lawns with artificial grass and make it look like you just built a new home!

Wondering how you can use synthetic turf to spruce up your front yard? Try these ideas below!

  • 1. Consider the size and shape of your yard.

    The most common shape of a yard is rectangular. If you have an L-shaped or U-shaped lawn, that can also be considered front yards!

    Decide what your goals for the space are and then use Atlanta artificial grass to help meet those needs. Maybe you want it to look like a forest? In this case, consider using tall grasses or plantings that will create a sense of depth and height.

    Maybe you want to make your front yard feel like an urban oasis? In this case, consider using artificial turf in Atlanta in varying textures, heights, colors, curves and other features that are common amongst natural environments.

  • 2. Choose a style that fits with your home’s exterior design.

    If your home is completely modern, maybe you want to go for a more contemporary look with hard-edged plastic or metal.

    You can also let the materials dictate how things look and play off each other visually! For example, if you like dark colors in general, consider using black synthetic trees of varying heights on an area that receives direct sunlight.

    Thinking about adding curves to your front yard? Curves are a great way to add both visual interest and dimension!

  • 3. Add some landscaping elements, such as trees and shrubs, for a more natural look.

    Also, don’t forget to include a few random Atlanta turf installation features, such as artificial rocks and logs!

  • 4. Install new lighting fixtures around the property to create ambiance at night.

    For instance, LED lights are cool and offer a variety of color options. You can also install brighter white lighting for an extra pop!

  • 5. Get creative with outdoor furniture.

    Add seating areas in different parts of your yard or on patios near the house. Other examples are hammocks, Adirondack chairs and picnic tables. You can even add an Atlanta putting green for an extra entertainment feature!

Reimagine Your Home with Atlanta Grass Installation!

Your yard is your home’s outdoor living room. It should be a place that you love to spend time in, and it can also serve as an extension of the interior design of your house.

There are many things you can do to spruce up your backyard space with artificial turf – from changing its color or adding lighting fixtures – but if those ideas don’t inspire you, there are plenty more ways to get creative!

Whether you want seating areas for entertaining guests around the pool or cozy nooks tucked away under trees, local installers have all sorts of options available when installing new lawns. Get started by contacting them today!