Enjoy a Drought-Resistant Lawn with Synthetic Turf in Charlotte NC

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200 gallons of water, that’s the optimum amount of water an ordinary American uses every day. In addition, 30% of this water is used outdoors. Multiply that by millions of individuals, households, and businesses across the United States, and you’ve got trouble.

What you have is water shortage combined with drought, which equals a big problem across the nation. So big, in fact, that it equals a disconcerting projected quantity of water soaked up right into the ground at 9 billion gallons.

Worried about how much water your natural lawn is wasting? Fight against drought and help conserve water by switching to synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC.

What is drought?

Drought is a weather-related sensation that comes second just to cyclones in creating financial issues in the USA. It’s frequently referred to as a duration of constantly abnormally dry climate resulting in harmed plants and also scarcity in water materials.

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Due to the fact that completely dry problems have various factors for coming to be, dry drought conditions happen in the same way.

As a result, drought and water scarcity looks the same no matter which state you look at. Aside from water shortages, this also leads to more expensive water bills.

How can synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC help against drought?

According to the EPA almost one-third (1/3) of water utilized in houses throughout the nation is set aside to landscape watering or in particular: sprinkling yards.

Imagine spending so much water just on one part of your house alone! In fact, natural grass is the biggest residential water waster, more than any part of your property.

Artificial turf water usage is considerably much less than what’s required for all-natural grass. It’s dry-spell immune due to the fact that other than conserving water, its looks are not affected by drought either.

Thousands of gallons of water per year can be conserved by switching to artificial grass in Charlotte NC. It does not cost you huge water costs, either. Sprinkling artificial grass with water is only required for occasional stains and the rare deep cleaning.

It’s a cost-effective, water-conserving, and also drought-resistant bundle that calls for little to no upkeep so you can remain eco-friendly on the driest of days. Save water, install artificial grass. It’s one big win for your home and the environment!

Call Your Local Installers for Synthetic Turf in Charlotte NC

For truly sustainable artificial grass, make sure to work with the best artificial grass company in your area. Aside from installing your lawn, they can also help you find more ways to save water and enjoy an eco-friendlier backyard and home.