Outdoor Living Upgrades Using Artificial Turf in Atlanta

lawnhomecare Feb 28, 2021 Lawn Care Tips
outdoor exercise on artificial grass

Outdoor common areas are great for bonding with friends and family. So, how do you get them to spend more time outdoors? Installing artificial turf in Atlanta is the first step to boost it. A nice, groomed lawn is an asset for any home!

Top Common Area Recommendations

Achieve great enhancements and maximize space through professional installation. Also, you can guarantee the quality of your landscaping. If you are out of ideas, check out these suggestions from the experts.

Water Feature

Include a water feature like a pool or a hot tub. Artificial turf is non-slip. Unlike real grass, it does not get spoiled or discolored with chlorine. Also, it drains well, does not retain water, and is mold resistant.

Grass clippings do not end up in your pool or inside the home because it does not need cutting. More so, it is safe for kids and pets since it does not heat up as much under sunlight.

Go High

Get installers to add turf on outdoor spaces like a balcony or rooftop. Pets and kids can hang out there while you practice your golf swing in the backyard. Artificial grass is soft to touch and great for lounging. So, combine artificial turf with pathways or a patio.

Also, Atlanta artificial grass is great for potty training because it is anti-bacterial and odor-free.

Fire Pit or Outdoor Grill

Bond over a fire pit during cool nights. Then, invite guests for a meal on the weekends. Synthetic turf only needs a little rinse to clean food spills. In addition, it is fire resistant. So, you can enjoy your barbecue without worrying about hot food burning your turf.

Sports Equipment

Are you into sports? Or do you want to spend more time outdoors? Synthetic turf looks and feels like real grass and ideal for sports use. Also, its durability can handle rough play or heavy use. You can also add sports equipment for the kids.

After that, ask your artificial turf installer for an Atlanta putting green for your backyard.

Landscape Common Areas in Your Home with Artificial Grass

Homeowners and their yards deserve only the best artificial landscaping experience. Do not let your common areas go to waste. Give them a synthetic turf upgrade today! After that, you can enjoy these benefits of artificial turf in Atlanta too:

  • Safe for kids and pets because it is non-toxic, allergen-, and chemical-free
  • Save on water bill and lawn care products
  • No mud, weeds, and pests in your common areas because it is dirt-free
  • More time to bond with friends and family because it does not need lots of care

Enjoy worry-free outdoor bonding with your friends and family. Call your local installers today!