Highlight Your Driveway Using the Best Artificial Grass in Santa Rosa, CA

lawnhomecare Feb 20, 2021 Artificial Grass Hacks
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Are you tired of the dull-looking driveway greeting you every day? Well, you don’t have to put up with it anymore. There’s a way to bring style and beauty into the most lifeless parts of your home. And that is by installing the best artificial grass in your Santa Rosa, CA driveway.

4 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Is the Best Material for Your Driveway

Switch your driveway pavers or live grass to artificial turf. It softens your driveway without leaving crumbs of mud in your tires. Also, it increases your curb appeal without emptying your pockets.

Here’s a rundown on the benefits of artificial grass as your Santa Rosa, CA driveway flooring.

1. It Can Hold Up to Heavy Traffic

One of the main components of artificial turf is a tough material called polyethylene. This makes turf blades extra durable, thus allowing them to last for up to 15 years. It can withstand heavy foot and paw traffic, furniture, and yes, even cars. But you need to consider a few things before doing it.

First off, you need to hire expert installers for this project. Professionals know what type of turf to use for this specific purpose. They know the best sub-base and infill material appropriate for a driveway. Moreover, they can inspect the place, advise you, and offer alternatives.

For instance, they can suggest blending artificial grass with pavers. This way, you can create a much better parking space. They can also prevent you from making rookie mistakes like laying turf on top of your concrete driveway.

2. It Can Survive Any Weather Conditions

Like concrete, artificial grass can withstand any kind of weather. But there’s one feat that makes it better than hard concrete.

Artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa equips synthetic grass with drainage systems underneath. This allows them to prevent flooding by draining water into its sub-base material. Rainwater will then get seeped by the soil underground or get cleared out into storm drains.

3. It Requires Little Maintenance

Natural lawns can be great driveways. But they need too much work and delicate handling. Leave them unwatered for days, and your property will become a sea of brown patches. Neglect mowing, and you’ll have a jungle for a driveway.

If you’re tired of paying for water bills and upkeep services, then make the switch to synthetic turf.

Artificial grass does not need water, fertilizer, nor a lawnmower. Just a quick blade brushing, dusting, or hosing down will do the trick.

4. It Increases Property Value

The lush and evergreen blades of artificial grass increases your home’s curb appeal. Thus, increasing your property value in the process.

Don’t worry about its color fading anytime soon. Quality turf has UV inhibitors in its blades. This prevents their evergreen color from fading, even when exposed to harsh factors. In fact, it can stay good as new even when used as:

  • Walkways and driveways
  • Play areas of kids or pets
  • Pool deck
  • Entertaining areas
  • Sports field

This is why many homeowners use artificial turf in Santa Rosa, or as a material for their private putting green.

Solve Your Driveway Problems Using Quality Artificial Grass

Stop settling for less if you have the means to create a better driveway. Make your dream driveway come true with artificial grass. Call your local installers today!