Safety Advantages of The Best Artificial Turf for Small Dogs

lawnhomecare Feb 18, 2021 Lawn Care Tips
Cute Toy Terrier On Artificial Grass. Domestic Dog

Most pet owners sometimes wish that their dogs stay as puppies. Hence, this is why some pet-parents are getting small dog breeds. However, small dogs need extra care because they’re more fragile than regular-sized ones. And if you’re caring for one, you should consider getting the best artificial turf for your dog’s safety.

Why Artificial Grass is Better for Small Dogs

A yard with grass is a great surface for playing and even training. But there are some risks you can’t see with the naked eye, that is dangerous for your small dog. Hence, this is why artificial grass is more recommended for raising them. Below are some benefits of artificial grass for small dogs.


Puppies and small dogs tend to always tumble because of their head-to-body proportion. But you can help them keep their balance while playing, by making sure the surface they’re on is non-slip.

The best synthetic grass for dogs in San Jose can provide this for your dog. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf’s blades don’t get slippery when wet. Furthermore, its porous backing helps drain water easily so your dogs don’t get too dirty.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn’t require much to be maintained. First, its blades will remain lush even without water. Second, it naturally repels bugs and weed growth. Hence, you don’t need to use garden chemicals for your grass. And not only is this helpful financially. But it also helps keep your pets safe from poisoning.


Dogs are one of the animals that don’t sweat. And this makes them prone to heatstroke. Hence, taking your dog out to play on a hot afternoon can be very risky to their health. And if the surface you’ll be playing on is concrete, they can also get scalded paws and bellies.

While natural grass can offer this, the best artificial turf in San Jose still offers better insulation with its layers. Moreover, synthetic grass is also UV-resistant. And this helps prevent it from heating up so much even at noon. Hence, your dog will have no trouble walking on it even when the sun’s out.


Some small dogs like dachshunds and corgis have very short legs. And this sometimes makes their bellies touch the floor. So this can be problematic if they get sores, or have weed allergies. But you can protect your small dog at home if you have the best artificial turf in your yard.

Synthetic turf has smooth blades that won’t scratch your dogs’ bellies. It’s also hypoallergenic for both humans and pets.

Keep Your Small Dogs Safe Using Synthetic Grass

Artificial grass offers not just safety benefits for you and your dogs. It also reduces the time you spend on lawn maintenance, so you can focus on taking care of your pets. Hence, that gives you more time to train and bond with your dogs. Provide the best care for your pets. Call your local installers today!