Ideas for Artificial Grass Installation in Las Vegas Big Backyards

lawnhomecare Feb 16, 2021 Lawn Care Tips
garden ideas for artificial turf

Designing a large backyard can be both overwhelming and exciting. You will have many choices on what to include and how to maximize the big space. You have to assess everything before finalizing the layout and how to include artificial grass installation in your Las Vegas property.

A Beautiful Backyard With a Purpose

It is important that all the available spaces are utilized to serve a purpose, no matter the size of a backyard. These spaces include all the bends, slopes, and other natural formations in the area.

It can be a little challenging when working on a large backyard. But imagination and using quality Las Vegas artificial turf can go a long way in turning a simple lot into something grand.

Here are some ideas on how to transform your property into something pretty, safe, and useful:

Use Gravel in the Gardens

You can leave some areas of the backyard covered in the gravel while the rest has artificial grass. Gravel is loose particles of rock that can add contrast to the greens and other lush in the surroundings.

A Park Bench as a Welcome Treat

A nicely designed park bench placed in the shady area of the yard will look inviting. You can relax at the bench after taking a walk to enjoy a glass of iced tea or read a good book. Paving stone can be used for the pathway leading to the bench designed to suit the land’s overall theme.

Create a Space to Lounge or Play

It will look amazing to have a Las Vegas artificial grass installed in an area of the land surrounded by a variety of plants and shrubs. You can use it as a play area or an exercise or meditation space.

Make Use of the Curves

The advantage of having a big backyard is you can have as you please. You can have sweeping paths created instead of a typical walkway. You can also have fun elements added, such as a birdbath or a decorative fountain.

Why Not Have a Miniature Golf Course?

You can turn a part of your big backyard into a space where you can practice playing golf. The proper placement of pathways, plants, and grass will do this trick.

The Benefits of Using Artificial Grass on Big Backyards

The greens will make any backyard look pleasant, nice, and homey. The problem is that natural grass is hard to maintain, especially when drought hits your area.

By going artificial, you would not mind the grass withering when the water supply is scarce. Plus, it offers other benefits that include the following:

No Puddling

The installation of artificial grass on land is a meticulous process. All areas and spots where water can accumulate will be rolled and smoothed out. Installers would place drains and simple irrigation systems to prevent pooling and to get rid of excess water.

Safe for Everyone

As long as you get it from the right sources, artificial grass installation for your Las Vegas property is safe for children and pets. The grass doesn’t require chemicals or fertilizers to be groomed or maintained, and it also has anti-bacterial properties.


It’s a good investment that will last for a long time. It will remain in place without the need for expensive maintenance measures.

Turn Your Dream into Reality

You  can turn your big backyard into something you’ve always dreamed of. Call your local installers to get more information on how to get started!