Never Deal With Grass Burns Again with Pet Artificial Grass in Portland

lawnhomecare Jan 28, 2021 Pet Friendly Turf
Pet Artificial Grass lawn urine

Pet Artificial Grass lawn urine

Dogs can ruin a grass-covered yard in a matter of hours. They dig up the dirt, trample on the turf, and sometimes even eat the grass. Even if your canines are well-behaved, your yard can take damage if they often pee on the turf, consequently causing grass burns. It’s a good thing pet artificial grass in Portland offers the perfect solution for this problem.

What Is Grass Burn?

This happens when the patches of grass turn yellow and wilt. Grass burns for various reasons, such as excessive fertilization, drought, and exposure to pet urine.

Why Does Pet Urine Burn Grass?

Dog pee contains high concentrations of nitrogen, which burns grass. The salt and other compounds in pet urine can also damage turf. Acidic urine can even affect the soil’s pH level, consequently making it difficult to grow grass.

Dog Urine Can’t Damage Artificial Grass

Artificial pet turf in Portland won’t turn yellow or wilt when exposed to pet pee. It’ll stay lush and vibrant, albeit a bit smelly and sticky, until you hose down its affected areas. So it’ll stay as beautiful as the day of its installation even if your dogs pee on it.

Other Ways Artificial Grass Can Pet-Proof Your Yard 

There are other reasons why artificial turf is a great alternative to the real thing. Here’s how it make your life as a pet owner easier:

It is dig-proof.

Dogs love to dig up the soil, and it’s difficult to curb this bad habit if you have a grass-covered yard. It’s a good thing artificial grass in Portland, Oregon is strong enough to resist even the most determined canines. Paws and claws won’t be able to penetrate its sturdy surface. So you can enjoy a beautiful, hole-free yard.

It is easy to maintain.

You can’t wash off pet waste residue with a soapy solution if you maintaining natural grass. The turf can turn yellow or wilt from the mixture. Fortunately, this is not an issue with artificial grass. Feel free to disinfect and scrub its surface whenever you want without worries of it wilting.

Dogs Also Love Artificial Grass!

Only turf experts can tell synthetic grass apart from its natural counterpart. In other words, the material looks and feels like the real thing. So don’t worry about it affecting your canines’ outdoor experience when you install it in your yard. It’s soft and gentle on the paws, so your dogs will surely love running, playing, and relaxing on its surface.

Ensure Excellent Results With Expert Synthetic Turf Services

Just because you can install pet artificial grass in Portland on your own, doesn’t mean that you should. There’s more to laying down this material than fitting it over your yard. It involves tasks, such as preparing the ground, flattening the site, and applying turf infill and accessories. Most of these are tricky to accomplish without the right tools and years of experience.

So let professional installers cover your yard with synthetic turf. With them on the job, you can rest assured that your installation can endure pet antics well and last for a long time. Set an appointment with artificial grass experts today to get started!