Enhance Your Pet’s Hammock Hangout with an Atlanta Putting Green

lawnhomecare Jan 25, 2021 Backyard Designs
hammock on synthetic turf

Hammocks are great outdoor amenities for pets. This is true whether they’re simply hanging between two trees or swinging under a pergola. So you can’t go wrong with adding one to your dog run. Make yours even better by installing Atlanta putting green under and around it.

Hammock Hangouts Are Busy Places

Most people and pets make a beeline for hammocks the moment they spot them, and with good reason. They’re usually the best outdoor seats in the house. Hammocks are good for seating and lying, so they’re the perfect hangout spot for everyone. Several people can even stay on them at the same time if they’re big enough, including pets!

Moreover, hammocks don’t have a front or backside. So the areas around them generally get a lot of foot traffic. If yours is hanging over natural grass, you’ll get to enjoy soft turf underfoot. But it’s likely that you’ll only experience this for a short period of time.

In addition, most people also push the ground with their feet to make the hammock swing. This can seriously damage the surrounding turf. Fortunately, you can have lush turf under and around your hammock that can last for a long time. Just install artificial turf in Atlanta.

Why Install Artificial Grass Under and Around Your Pet Hammock

Artificial grass is perfect for places that get a lot of traffic, such as hammock hangouts. Here’s why:

• It’s tough.

Artificial grass won’t break no matter how much you step or push off it. In other words, it can take the foot traffic common in hammock hangouts. Harsh weather conditions, such as intense heat and heavy rain, also doesn’t affect it. When winter comes, just cover it with a tarp to protect it from the snow.

• It can hold heavy objects.

Want to keep your food, drinks, and other essentials close at hand while you relax on your hammock? Place a small table beside it. Don’t worry, synthetic turf can hold heavy furniture and equipment without taking damage. So feel free to place furnishings on top of it.

• It’s realistic.

Atlanta artificial grass installation looks and feels like the real thing. In other words, most people can’t tell it apart from natural grass. So don’t worry about it looking out of place in your yard. Enjoy lush turf under your feet when you go synthetic for your hammock hangout.

• It’s a breeze to maintain.

You don’t need a lot of time and money to keep synthetic turf clean and vibrant. Clear off trash from its surface. Then, hose it down occasionally to get rid of dirt and other tiny debris. Use a plastic brush and soapy solution to wash off residues. Finally, brush against its grain to keep its fibers upright.

Let Professional Installers Upgrade Your Hammock Hangout

It’s the best way to ensure you get all benefits of synthetic turf. Moreover, experts have the skills necessary to carry out various designs. So there’s nothing stopping you from different installations, such as an Atlanta putting green, by your hammock. They also only use high-quality artificial grass. Set an appointment with top installers in your area today!