Functional Landscaping with Synthetic Turf in Charlotte, NC

lawnhomecare Jan 22, 2021 Backyard Designs
Functional Landscaping with Synthetic Turf in Charlotte, NC

When aiming for a minimalist design, you must also think about the spaces’ function. So in designing your lawn, you’ll want to think about what to do with those dead spaces. You can integrate hardscapes with synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC. And when you do, you can turn these dead spaces into functional ones. Moreover, it complements many types of architecture, too!

Hardscapes That Adds Functionality

When it comes to landscaping, creating contrast is important. And finding a balance between the hardscape and the greenery can be tricky. But this is what professional landscapers can help you with. Below are some features you can add to your backyard:

  • Plant Boxes

    Adding plant boxes along the sides of the lawn helps define your yard’s boundaries and add life. At the same time, the artificial grass in Charlotte, NC helps protect the plants from pests. This is because artificial turf is made of nylon. Hence, bugs can’t find food or build homes on the grass’ surface.

    Artificial grass also helps reduce yard maintenance expenses in other ways. First, it doesn’t need watering to stay lush -reducing your water expenses. Second, you don’t need to cut it -lessening spending on electricity or gas. And third, you reduce chemical use in your yard as the synthetic grass can repel pests.

  • Water Feature

    Placing a water feature such as a pond in your backyard’s sides or within can serve different purposes. For instance, it can help regulate your yard’s temperature.

    And the advantage of incorporating synthetic turf in your Charlotte, NC lawn is that it can drain water easily. Hence, this lets you relax in a cool environment. Furthermore, you can reduce the risks of slipping as artificial grass also has a non-slip surface.

  • Stone Walkway

    You can incorporate a stone walkway in your backyard’s sides. And this lets anyone walk around the lawn without disturbing other people in it. Furthermore, it can also help define the yard’s edges better by providing contrast to the green shade.

    One of the qualities of Charlotte, NC artificial grass is durability which can endure heavyweights and not tear. Hence, you can have the stones added even after the grass is installed.

  • Patio

    A paved patio beside your yard adds contrast to not only the greenery but also functionality to your yard. And aside from helping define the shape of your lawn, it’s also a great resting area for everyone.

    In designing the patio, you can incorporate artificial grass in between the pavers for reasons other than design. For example, the synthetic grass’ smooth surface can protect your furniture from scratches made by the constant push and pull. Furthermore, its UV-resistant quality helps reduce the heat being absorbed by the ground and the pavers.

Say Hello to a Better Yard!

Having a synthetic lawn not only adds beauty to your home but also value. But finding balance in your yard’s design may be tricky, especially when thinking about making use of all the spaces. But with the help of professionals, you can ensure that the features you incorporate are functional. To learn more or to get started with your project, call your local installers now!