Can Putting Greens in Santa Cruz Withstand Storms and Other Bad Weather?

lawnhomecare Dec 30, 2020 Artificial Grass Hacks
Can Putting Greens in Santa Cruz Withstand Storms and Other Bad Weather

Putting greens in Santa Cruz are significant investments. Not only will it completely replace your natural lawn, but it will also change the way you experience your backyard. With a putting green, you can finally:

  • Enjoy unlimited tee time
  • Play golf right outside your door
  • Save money on game expenses like driving to the range and paying for club membership fees
  • Save time; no need to wait for your turn at the golf range!
  • Stop worrying about all the maintenance that live grass requires
  • Share your love of golf with family and friends

There are so many excellent reasons why installing a putting green in your yard is a great idea. But naturally, you may have a few questions before pressing the green light on the project.

A top concern among homeowners int/erested in installing a backyard putting green is the weather. Worried what will happen to your private green once the stormy season starts?

Here’s a hint: you’re about to enjoy complete peace of mind no matter how harsh the weather becomes!

Weather-Resistant Features of Artificial Grass

Artificial turf in Santa Cruz, CA is specifically designed for the outdoors. That includes incredible durability so that it lasts through the seasons.

Get to know the weather-resistant qualities of synthetic grass:

  • Excellent Drainage System

    It doesn’t matter how much rain your area receives throughout the year. Synthetic putting green systems come with innovative and ultra-efficient drainage that courses water from the surface very quickly. As a result, your green drains at a fraction of the time versus real grass!

  • Tough Fibers

    Tired of dealing with ripped up turf after bad weather? Artificial grass solves it for good. Strong winds and storms won’t be able to tear artificial turf fibers. Enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your putting greens is safe no matter how bad the weather gets.

  • Winter-Ready

    Yes, you never have to worry about snow and ice again! Synthetic putting greens in Santa Cruz are designed to get through the harshest winter without sustaining any damage. You don’t have to do any special preparations, or wonder how you’re going to get the ice and snow off your green. Just wait until it melts, let the drainage system take care of it, and your green is ready for tee time!

  • Heat- and Fire-Resistant

    Some golfers wonder if synthetic fibres can withstand intense heat. The answer is yes! Even the hottest summer heat won’t affect your synthetic grass. It’s also graded fire-resistant, which means it won’t burn up even after direct contact with fire.

    On top of that, artificial grass cools down quickly. You don’t have to wait too long after an incredibly hot summer day to enjoy a comfortable, cool playing surface again.

  • Weed Resistant

    With spring comes a slew of backyard problems that backyard golfers need to contend with. One of the worst is weeds!

    Spring boosts weed growth to full force, and it can severely affect the ball roll and pristine looks of your green. Weeds can’t grow on turf, so you never have to deal with this again.

Want to learn more about the all-weather benefits of synthetic turf? Contact the top providers of artificial grass services in Santa Cruz, and schedule a consultation!