What Makes Homes with Dallas, TX Artificial Grass Sustainable?

lawnhomecare Dec 17, 2020 Backyard Designs
green artificial grass on miniature golf course

When it comes to purchasing or building homes, green space is a popular choice. This is because sustainability has become a standard for the current generation of consumers. This is also why homeowners prefer Dallas, TX artificial grass in creating sustainable houses.

What Makes a House Sustainable?

A sustainable home’s design integrates the three pillars of sustainability. These pillars refer to the environment, society, and economy. And in creating a sustainable home, the materials and design should have little to no negative impacts on these three pillars.

Sustainable Landscaping Ideas

One of the ways you can live sustainably is by upgrading your home with new features. This can be as simple as replacing your lawn with Dallas, TX artificial grass since regular lawn consumes a lot of resources. To help you get started in living sustainably, below are some landscaping ideas you can try:

An Edible Garden

An edible garden is a great feature that can help you reduce food expenses. Its produce also helps you ensure that your family’s meals are safe for consumption. These two things already make your home economically and socially sustainable.

An artificial grass installation for your Dallas, TX property, can make your home environmentally sustainable.  Artificial grass can act as weed and pest repellant for your plants when used as frames for the vegetable patches. Weeds and pests cannot prosper on synthetic turf because it’s made of nylon. This helps you become more eco-friendly by avoiding the use of chemicals that are also pollutants.

A Personal Golf Course

If you’re a golf player, having a personal course at home can help you live more sustainably. It reduces your carbon emissions as you will no longer need to travel to play, which is good for the environment.

It can help you save money from green fees, something that will positively impact your finances.

When you create a course using artificial grass, you’re also making your yard friendlier for your family. Artificial grass is made with hypoallergenic materials that are safe for both humans and animals. It also has a soft surface that is great for play and can cushion any trips or falls, making it an additional safety feature, too.


Having a pond can help your home become environmentally and economically sustainable. This water feature can help maintain a cool temperature in your home, instead of consuming electricity with the airconditioning.

If you use its water for gardening,  you’re also helping in conserving your community’s freshwater resources.

Replacing pavers around your pond with Dallas, TX artificial turf will also help you conserve even more water. Artificial grass has a porous backing that helps redirect the water runoff to the pond when it’s raining. Ít’s non-slip surface also keeps the surroundings safe to walk on even when wet.

Live Sustainably with Synthetic Grass

Living sustainably is not as tricky as a lot of people would think. It can be as easy as deciding to upgrade your home with artificial grass. To get started or to learn more, call your local installers now.