Designing Waterscapes with Artificial Grass For Dogs In Long Island, NY

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Designing Waterscapes with Artificial Grass For Dogs
Designing Waterscapes with Artificial Grass For Dogs

Artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY has proven to be flexible in any landscaping arrangement. Aside from doing the usual garden or outdoor patio, the design choices have expanded through the years.

Creating a breathtaking waterscape could relax both your family and your pets and here are some design ideas to explore.

Fountains and Other Waterscapes That You Can Do with Synthetic Turf

If you want to create a space for your dogs to enjoy, you can consider integrating your waterscapes with artificial turf in Long Island, NY:

  • Self-Contained Fountains

    This waterscape is one of the easiest to set up for your synthetic grass garden. Regardless if you’re playing with your dog or just taking him for a relaxing stroll, then having a fountain in the background adds up a more peaceful vibe to your backyard.

    Self-contained fountains have their own water as well as their own plumbing system inside so the only thing you need to worry is which spot in your backyard this will be placed.

  • Wall Fountains

    If you’re saving on space, you can use your concrete wall outside your backyard to create a wall fountain. This design integrates well in any setup since it is also a spot where your dog won’t be able to make a mess.

  • Ponds

    Another waterscape that you can do with artificial grass in Long Island is placing a simple pond. Additionally, you can create a mix of stones to create an accent for your backyard.

    You can also surround your pond with ornamental plants to give your garden a more zen vibe whenever you have visitors coming over to enjoy the view.

  • Pondless Fountains

    If you’re undecided to get a fountain or a pond for your backyard, you may want the best of both worlds. Some homeowners opt for a pondless fountain or disappearing fountain.

    However, this is more challenging to install than a self-contained fountain because it needs an underground water source.

    The best part of having this kind of waterscape is that you can easily integrate synthetic turf near the area if you plan on assigning an outdoor bathroom space for your dog to pee in at the same time add an aesthetic appeal.

With these waterscapes in mind, you also don’t have to worry about your pets messing up your landscape decoration for they will most likely ignore what you placed.

Keep Your Pets Safe with Synthetic Grass

Once you have decided on what kind of waterscape you want to build, it is also important to have safety measures in your backyard.

It could be as simple as installing a fence especially If you are planning on installing a pond along with artificial turf. Your dog won’t be able to accidentally jump in the pond and mess up your backyard while he’s playing.

Synthetic grass is also proven to be a safe alternative compared to real grass. This is because some dogs as well as humans can get allergies from real grass pollen. With synthetic grass, this will not be an issue in the long run.

Now that you’ve explored the wonders of synthetic turf for your backyard, contact your local experts on how to install artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY today!