Putting Green in San Antonio, TX Improves Playability in Backyard

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Putting Green in San Antonio, TX Improves Playability in Backyard

Apart from the best golf clubs that money can buy, another crucial consideration in perfecting your game is the kind of grass you’re playing on. Have you considered the time and expenses your favorite membership club puts into maintaining their manicured courses?

Most homeowners don’t have the luxury to ensure their landscaping is in tiptop shape 24/7. Practicing whenever possible is the only way to perfect your swing, which makes installing putting green in your San Antonio, TX home the smartest decision.

Should I Go Synthetic or Natural?

A quick answer is: you’ll have more time to practice and bond with your family all while keeping your expenses down when you go with synthetic turf rather than natural grass. However, having the best putting greens in your backyard isn’t a pick-and-go activity.

Consider these pointers to see why artificial turf is the way to go to improve playability on your turf.

  • Installation

    Both require professional installation to get right. However, more time and labor go into perfecting natural lawn than its synthetic counterpart. While both options may seem expensive, in the long run the artificial turf for your San Antonio, TX lawn wins out on savings for maintenance, labor, and time.

  • Playability

    Many PGA pros swear by and endorse synthetic putting greens versus their natural grass. Artificial turf remains essentially consistent unlike real lawn where factors, such as weather, damage, and maintenance, can affect performance during games.

    Synthetic grass with infill enables golfers to adjust how their turf accepts rolls. It’s also great at receiving long shots because it holds the ball well. Therefore, it’s ideal for both recreation and practice.

  • Visual Appeal

    Nowadays, synthetic turf looks realistic and has great texture to match real grass. You’d be surprised that even membership clubs and driving ranges turn to synthetic turf for their massive courses!

    Artificial turf is also easy to cut and reshape to fit curves and edges in backyards of all sizes.

  • Weather Response

    Real grass needs soil to grow, therefore, it doesn’t adapt to weather changes well. During rainy weather, it becomes muddy. Synthetic grass, on the other hand, is soil-free and comes with a drainage system, which ensures your home is mud-free even when you play barefoot outdoors while it’s raining. It’s also non-slip!

    Natural grass retains more moisture and also demands more water, especially during drought. Meanwhile, artificial turf is drought-resistant, doesn’t retain moisture, and doesn’t require water to stay green.

  • Pets and Children

    Synthetic turf for putting green is chemical- and toxin-free because it doesn’t need fertilizer, pesticides, and other enhancers, making it great for pets and children. Natural grass withers and rots without these.

    Since there’s no dirt, dogs don’t pull or dig it out like they do real grass. Urine spots won’t be a problem, as well, if you’re a pet owner with putting green in San Antonio, TX.

  • Maintenance

    Natural grass requires consistent tending to ensure your grass is bending right, needs watering, mowing, and many more laborious upkeep responsibilities.

    Artificial grass demands virtually little to no maintenance. It only needs a good rinse and a leaf blower to clear debris. Reconditioning may be required after several years of heavy usage.

  • Durability

    Natural lawns wear out and become patchy from use. Golf equipment can really damage your lawn, too. Meanwhile, artificial turf is tear-resistant, and because it’s soil-free, your cleats won’t transfer fungus from other course onto your putting greens.

Improve Playability When You Use Artificial Turf Putting Greens

Serious golfers always find ways to improve their game. A great way to do that is to use synthetic grass for your San Antonio home putting green. Your backyard golf course can also be a great bonding activity with your family. Get in touch with a local artificial turf installer and start putting in the comforts of your own home.