Courtyard Garden Ideas Using Artificial Turf in Bend, Oregon

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Courtyard Garden Ideas Using Artificial Turf in Bend, Oregon

Make the most of your garden space by utilizing it as an extension of your living area! Rather than keeping the two apart from each other, open the space up and break down the barrier to create a plan that breathes new life into your outdoor space.

Not just that, but it also allows for natural light to illuminate your yard and home. And when it comes to renovation projects, artificial turf in Bend, Oregon is the best material for the job! Try these creative garden design ideas using synthetic turf!

Garden Reception

Try the outdoor social theme by using small trees and high fencing for privacy. It’s a great way to infuse the space with a natural feel without you feeling enclosed.

Place a garden corner sofa under the trees, for a wonderful gathering spot for friends and family during warm seasons. It’s also a great place to enjoy a moment to yourself with a cup of tea and a good book.

After that, talk to your installer about laying artificial grass in Bend, Oregon between slabs of the patio. The patio and grass fusion will create a design that’s both attractive and flows. It also doubles up as edging.

Narrow and Low Courtyard Garden

Got a long yet narrow courtyard garden? Then you’re probably struggling to figure out a way to maximize the space you already have.

Even if your house is situated in a built-up area, with your property bordered with houses on either side, this design will still give you your own space outside. Try featuring bi-fold doors and extend the living space by leaving them wide open. Enjoy an indoor dining area in full view of your beautiful garden.

Now that you have no barrier between the inside space and out, you’ll find that your living space now stretches beyond its original parameters.

Leave no patch to chance! With a full landscape background of artificial turf in Bend, Oregon mix up greenery, decking, and patio along with neat and colorful flower beds. All of this blends to create a quaint little spot in what might otherwise be an easily forgotten and underutilized area at the house’s back.

Simple Yet Effective Garden Design

Simplicity will always be in style, and that’s true even for courtyard garden designs. For this one, split the space into two. One section will be for outdoor dining and entertaining. The second one is exclusively for the family, with amenities like a kid’s playground or a hammock where the family can relax.

With synthetic grass installation in Bend, you don’t have to worry about safety or maintenance for both sections. It’s soft and gentle to walk on, and doesn’t require the extensive upkeep of real grass.

Create the Courtyard of Your Dreams with Synthetic Turf!

There’s no need to wait when you’re working with artificial grass. Once the installers are done with the project, that’s it! You can start enjoying your new courtyard garden immediately. Schedule a consultation with your local synthetic turf installers today to learn more!