4 Pond Design Ideas integrated with Las Vegas Artificial Grass

lawnhomecare Nov 24, 2020 Backyard Designs
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Science has proven that people are drawn to bodies of water such as beaches and lakes because it brings them calmness. This is why ponds in people’s backyards are becoming more and more popular. And if you want in on the hype but you’re worried about how you’ll maintain it, incorporating Las Vegas artificial grass can definitely be of help.

Low Maintenance Pond Design Ideas

Having a pond in one’s yard has a lot of benefits apart from it just being visually pleasing. It moderates the temperature in your home, as well as add value to your property. If you’re already decided you’ll add a pond in your home, check out the design ideas below that you may want to consider:

  • Beautifully Framed Pond

Ponds are a beautiful addition to one’s yard, and it’s best to always maintain it. If you’re worried about having to maintain a pond and lawn at the same time, you can get artificial grass installation for your Las Vegas home instead. It’s low maintenance, and the lush green color of the synthetic grass will also beautifully frame the pond.

Synthetic grass can also help maintain a safe ecosystem in your pond. This is because it doesn’t need maintenance such as pesticides, to keep it lush. This keeps the water runoff from your yard to your pond, safe for the animals in it.

  • Pond With Stepping Stones

A pond is a different environment on its own and you may want to immerse yourself in it, by standing in the middle. Adding some stepping stones will let you do this. However, stones tend to get slippery when wet.

To create safer stepping stones, you can incorporate Las Vegas artificial turf on top of them. Artificial grass has a smooth, non-slip surface that helps avoid accidents in areas that are usually wet.

  • Deck Over Water

Having a meal beside a body of water can make the experience feel romantic or elegant. If you want this in your home, adding a deck over your pond is the way to go. If you’re torn about putting railings to protect people from slipping in because it might ruin the look, artificial grass can be used for safety measures.

Artificial grass’ non slip surface grips well on footwear and furniture, preventing slips and falls. It is also durable from any wear and tear made by pushing and pulling heavy objects like tables and chairs.

  • Divider Pond

If you are looking for a way to divide your yard for different purposes such as play space and gardening, adding a pond is a great way to do so. The pond can cut across your yard dividing it into spaces, connected by bridges. During the rainy season, however, pond water may overflow and create puddles. And in normal weather, the surrounding ground may also be muddy due to the pond’s moisture.

The solution is to incorporate Las Vegas artificial grass in the pond’s surroundings. Synthetic grass has a porous backing that helps drain water easily to prevent forming puddles, keeping the surroundings clean and dry.

Find Calmness Within Your Home

Having a pond should add more calming energy to your home, instead of stress about its maintenance. And when you incorporate artificial grass with it, you can worry less and relax more. For more information on how to get started, call your local installers now!