Ultra Kid-Friendly Landscaping Ideas Using Tampa Synthetic Grass

lawnhomecare Nov 23, 2020 Backyard Designs
child friendly artificial grass landscaping

Your backyard may be facing neglect with the assortment of activities made for indoor enjoyment. However, it’s not too late to flip the script and encourage your kids to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about your family’s safety. With outstanding ideas using Tampa synthetic grass, you can create a kid-friendly yard without compromising beauty.

6 Creative Designs Kids Will Love

We all know that kids are always on the lookout for fun. Your young ones will spend more time outdoors if there are fun activities readily available to them.

Put yourselves in their shoes and anchor the design on what speaks to their hobbies, interests, and personalities. Mesh these with your ideas to come up with space for every member of the family to enjoy.

Check out this fun yet kid-friendly ideas to liven up your backyard with artificial turf in Tampa, FL.

  • Go Big

Oversized games—like a chess set, Connect 4, or Jenga—would look really nice on your new artificial turf backyard. Made of non-slip material, it can prevent tripping and can handle constantly being walked on. Time to teach them outdoor bowling and hopscotch, too.

  • Get Physical

Artificial turf is known for its ability to withstand heavy-duty use, making it a great canvas for physical or sporty activities.

Include sports equipment like tennis or volleyball nets, putting green, and soccer goals for your future sports star. Synthetic grass also ensures great fun without worrying about mud or grass stains dirtying up your house floors or ruining clothes.

If your kids aren’t that into sports, you can also consider adding climbing frames or a playground. Since artificial turf is easy to cut, you can reshape it to frame a sunken trampoline for extra safety and enjoyment.

  • Amaze with a Maze

Tampa synthetic grass holds its shape really well and is weather-resistant, therefore, it’s great to use as a low-maintenance maze.

Since it’s easy to install, you can create new challenges when the kids have perfected your layout. Feeling the need for speed? You can also shape it around a raceway, too!

  • Just Add Water

To counter harsh heat in summer, consider adding a water feature to your backyard.

Synthetic turf is non-slip even when wet, and comes with a drainage system that ensures your kids won’t accidentally step on puddles. A small wading pool or splash pad would work wonders for your space.

  • Relax, Just Do It

Kids, like their parents, also need alone time and a place to unwind. Install a fort, tent, or playhouse so you can keep your kids busy while you work.

Since artificial grass is allergen- and chemical-free, you won’t have to worry about their safety when they hang out on their new outdoor hammock.

  • Get Crafty

Did you know that artificial grass only needs an occasional rinse to maintain cleanliness? It’s perfect for an outdoor arts and crafts corner for the kids.

If they spill little paint on it, just splash it with a mixture of distilled vinegar and water to disinfect and cleanse your patch.

Start the Family Backyard Fun with Artificial Grass

Get in touch with a local grass installer to start the backyard bonding and fun with the whole family! Enjoy the more outdoor family time when you add artificial grass for homes in Tampa. You’ll love the benefits of worry-free yet beautiful landscaping because it’s non-toxic and green year-round.