Efficient Ways of Using Pebble Beach Putting Green at Home

lawnhomecare Nov 12, 2020 Backyard Designs
Efficient Ways of Using Pebble Beach Putting Green at Home

Pebble Beach putting green has been popular among golf enthusiasts who want to play within the comforts of their own home in Monterey, CA. But how can you achieve that challenging course regardless of the space that you have in your backyard? Learn more about the specifications that you need to take note of whenever you’re planning to turn your outdoor space into a golfing paradise.

Things to Consider When Setting up Your Putting Green

Using artificial turf in Monterey, CA, it is now possible to make your own mini-golf course. However, before getting your first swing in your dream golf course, you must consider the following factors:

  • Lot Size

    If you want to use your backyard as a mini-golf course, you should consider the size of your backyard. Ask yourself questions like “How many holes can I make within my backyard?” or “Is there a way to make a challenging putting course using limited space?”

    You could start by simply finding a flat space on your lawn, and it doesn’t have to be huge. An area of 4′ x 8′ should be enough for you to create your first course, just enough to knock a golf ball around.

    The materials used for each green are also different, like the indoor turf, which is typically made from nylon. In contrast, the outdoor turf is made from either polypropylene or polyethylene.

  • Pile Height

    This is one of the most essential qualities of your putting green, for it measures your turf’s thickness. Although most lawns are characterized by a thicker pile, it should be the opposite of putting greens. Most putting green surfaces can range from ½” to ¾” thick.

    You don’t want to swing your golf club into that thick grass as it can be annoying at times, especially if you’re itching to get that hole-in-one.

  • Face Weight

    The face weight determines the density and durability of a product. Putting greens do well with a face weight between 40 and 60 ounces.

  • Stimp Reading

    A stimp reading tells you how fast the ball will roll on putting green. A higher stimp reading will suggest that the ball will roll faster. This could be adjusted by playing around with the face weight and pile height of your putting green.

    Just make sure to consult with your local landscaper about this if you’re really serious in setting up your own course with Pebble Beach putting green.

If you want a more challenging putting course, don’t settle with flat surfaces only. Try mixing up your creativity by adding in obstacles that you can make along the way like sand traps, barriers or even a windmill.

Your Putting Green Can Also Serve as a Play Area for Your Pets

Synthetic grass does not only limit to creating your mini-golf course or even your garden. You could use artificial turf for your dogs in Monterey, CA. Because of its durability, you don’t need to worry about your pets attempting to ruin your artificial grass.

Ready to transform your backyard into a mini-golf course? Call your local artificial grass experts today!