Safer Playground Designs using Artificial Turf in Long Island NY

lawnhomecare Nov 11, 2020 Backyard Designs
Safer Playground Designs using Artificial Turf in Long Island NY

The key to ensuring that children stay happy and healthy is by keeping their minds and bodies active. This means a lot of playtimes to help them develop strong muscles and bones. But while their balance is still not as stable as adults’, you can ensure a safe playtime by incorporating artificial turf in your Long Island, NY home.

Kid-Approved Playground Features

The uses of artificial grass go beyond just beautifying one’s yard. Artificial turf is also used to improve home safety, especially for children who like to keep moving. Here are some playground landscaping ideas and features that are both fun and safe:

  • Mini Running Track

    Children like running around, and it’s a great activity to exercise their legs and lungs. But when children run, it is always a possibility that they hurt themselves if they trip or fall. A great idea to add safety when running is by creating a mini running track using artificial turf for your Long Island, NY yard.

    Synthetic turf has a non-slip surface that would help your children’s’ feet get a grip when they stop running. Its porous backing also drains water quickly, ensuring that the surface remains dry and non-slip even after a rain.

  • Obstacle Course

    Obstacle courses not only help develop children’s muscles but also their problem-solving skills. However, the challenge as a parent is to ensure that they don’t get hurt if they fall while jumping or climbing. A solution is to add a padded flooring such as synthetic turf.

    Artificial grass has multiple layers and a soft surface that can cushion every fall. This will make sure that children get hurt less, as well as avoid scratches or bruises.

  • Mossy Hideout

    Aside from physical activities, kids also love playing house or hide and seek. Using artificial grass in Long Island, you can design a perfect hideout for them by adding walls and roof covers.

    The artificial grass’s color will help blend the house with the lawn. Its UV-resistant properties will keep the interior of the playhouse from overheating.

  • Kiddie Maze

    Little mazes are a great addition to any yard, both as a landscape design and as an activity for children. Hedges, however, are quite expensive to buy and maintain. Save money by creating long-lasting hedges using synthetic turf.

    Synthetic turf uses high-quality nylon durable enough to last you more than 10 years, even with seasons changing. That’s 10+ years of savings on your water bills and expenses on pesticides, as no bugs can prosper in artificial grass.

Give Yourself a Beautiful, Dynamic Home

Children are a joy to have, and any parent would do anything to make their kids happy. And having to create a safe play space for them doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing your home’s aesthetic aspects. All you need to is a little imagination and some help from artificial grass installers in Long Island.

For more information, call your local installers now to set up a consultation on how to get started!