Creative Garden Design Ideas Using Artificial Turf Installation Near Me

lawnhomecare Nov 11, 2020 Artificial Grass Hacks
Creative Garden Design Ideas Using Artificial Turf Installation Near Me

Start your home beautification plans by filling your garden with lush, green aesthetics through artificial turf installation near me!

Using synthetic grass, you can now create the beautiful outdoor space you had been dreaming of without the hassle that comes with real grass maintenance. Experience the benefits of artificial turf beyond its aesthetic value.

3 Best Garden Designs Using Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the long-lost answer to your quest to improve the appearance of your garden. It feels and looks like real grass but minus the woes that come with it, such as the costly upkeep and hazardous chemical from insecticides.

Achieve a one-of-a-kind outdoor space by using synthetic grass in your Austin garden. Some turf landscaping designs to try are as follows:

  1. Decorate With Flowering Plants

    You can use synthetic turf to cover your outdoor field and line up ornamental plants along its sides or edges.

    Invest in colorful flowering plants, like hydrangeas and roses, then put them in recycled flowerpots and planters. Add some potted herbs or hang orchids and create a terrarium.

    You can customize synthetic turf shapes and sizes to suit your preference. You can also change your garden’s style and design whenever you want to.

    Having a uniformed-looking turf makes the area look neat and well-maintained while exuding a classy vibe.

  2. Build a Hang Out Spot

    Highlight the beauty of your garden space by building a nice little nook where you can chill and hang out with family or friends.

    Look for the best artificial turf installation near me to set-up your artificial grass. Then put outdoor chairs, sofa, and tables to create a mini-lounging area where you can eat, mingle, and socialize under the soft grass.

    Some of the advantages of using artificial grass to build a garden lounge area include:

    • Low maintenance because there would be no mowing and watering.
    • Mud-resistant, so your furniture is safe.
    • Built with excellent drainage systems for extreme weather.
    • Built with non-slip and hypoallergenic materials so children and seniors can roll around it without worrying about fall injuries and allergies.
  3. Make a Pet Haven

    Customize your garden by calling your trusted Austin artificial grass installers and let it serve another purpose—playing ground for your pet! Install an obstacle course, set-up soft pet beds, or place a mini pet shelter.

    Let your fur babies run around the front garden without worrying about destroyed grass and freshly dug holes. Moreover, it absorbs pet urine or any liquid waste without discoloring the material.

    It is an eco-friendly and healthy option considering you don’t need to spray chemicals, such as pesticides and weed killers, to harm your pets.

Unleash Your Creative Side by Designing Your Beloved Garden

Beautifying your garden does not mean that you need to add expensive decorations and large fixtures. You just need to combine simple concepts together to create a gorgeous outcome.

Bring life to your dream garden by contacting your local synthetic turf installers and start discussing your outdoor project.