Install Synthetic Grass in Seattle to Eliminate These Backyard Putting Green Problems

lawnhomecare Oct 31, 2020 Lawn Care Tips
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More and more golfing facilities are replacing the natural grass in their courses with artificial turf every year. Follow suit for a backyard putting green that not only features incredible durability but also offers the same play quality as competition-level parks. You’ll also never have to deal with these problems that plague natural courses when you install synthetic grass in Seattle.

Backyard Putting Green Issues Solved By Synthetic Turf

Drastic landscape changes, tedious upkeep tasks, and costly lawncare chemicals—these are the solutions to most of the problems that afflict natural golf courses. Want to make sure that you won’t need any of these measures for your putting green? Use artificial grass. It’s not vulnerable to most golf course issues, such as:

  • Damaged Turf

Foot traffic, the harsh impact from swings, and ball roll friction are some of the things that you’re putting green endure every time you play on it. These often leave upturned or damaged turf in their wake. To maintain your golf course’s playability, you’ll have to cut your games short, fill divots, and give the turf time to recover.

Play golf as long and as frequently as you like when you install synthetic grass in Seattle. Artificial grass for putting greens is specifically designed for the sport, so it’s tough enough to endure acts that could seriously damage its natural counterpart.

  • Uneven Grass Growth

Shade from trees and structures, infertile soil, and inadequate irrigation are some of the most common reasons behind inconsistent grass growth.  Synthetic grass is neither dependent on nor affected by these factors. Even if your artificial putting green is located under a tree or on top of soil that has minimal nutrients, it will look as beautiful and be as durable as the day of its installation.

  • Poor Drainage

This is one of the possible reasons why some natural golf courses catch turf diseases. Poor drainage leads to oversaturated soil, which can cut off the oxygen supply of roots. It also produces stagnant water that can attract various insects.

Find the solution to this problem inexpertly installed synthetic turf putting greens. They feature efficient drainage systems that can take care of significant amounts of moisture, regardless of the course’s landscaping.

If you putting green doubles as a pet run for your dog, consider investing in artificial turf for pets in Seattle. It’s paw-friendly and equipped with features that make pet ownership easier, such as a deodorizing infill. Don’t worry; it’s just as durable as turf types designed for putting green.

  • Weed Infestations

Is your yard home to persistent weeds? They’ll probably become a common sight while you play golf if you choose to grow grass on your putting green. Take off weeding from your upkeep tasks permanently by going synthetic.

When artificial grass installers prepare sites for installations, they conduct thorough weed control solutions. Aside from applying weedicides to the area, they may also integrate a weed barrier into the putting green to prevent future weed infestations.

Make Hassle-Free Tee Times the Norm With Synthetic Grass

With these turf problems permanently out of the picture, you’ll have more time to enjoy your Seattle putting green. Take every opportunity to practice your putts, hone your swings, and develop game strategies. You can also get competitive and challenge your family and friends to friendly matches.

Once you’ve mastered how to reach your course’s golf holes from every angle, consider adding variety to your green. Ask expert installers for assistance. From building sandpits to landscaping slopes, they can help you turn your idea into a reality. Contact the best artificial grass installation team in your area today to get started.