Practical Poolside Landscaping: Why Smart Homeowners Are Switching to Synthetic Grass in Modesto, CA

lawnhomecare Oct 30, 2020 Artificial Grass Hacks
turf near pool

Poolside landscaping using synthetic grass in Modesto, CA is one of the best ways to boost the aesthetic and practical value of your home. A pool is already a worthwhile upgrade— it’s a beautiful, fun, and practical amenity. Surrounding it with artificial grass only makes it even better.

Creative Poolside Landscaping Ideas

Poolside landscaping offers more than just something pretty to look at. If done right, the selection and arrangement of elements can create a feeling of serenity, offer privacy to swimmers, and even make a pool more water-efficient.

There are several ways a homeowner can go when choosing what to do with their pool area, including:

  • A themed oasis. Wide-open space with few restrictions offers up unique possibilities with the help of artificial grass. Using turf, you can remodel your pool area to resemble anything from a Zen garden to a tropical island paradise, and even scenes from a favorite book.

  • Vantage point. Some people use their pool as a spot to take advantage of a view they may not have had the opportunity to enjoy otherwise. This is a specialty of infinity pools. Use synthetic grass in Modesto, CA to create a green border without disrupting the seamless pool design.

  • Secret escape. Forget fences and walls— a good synthetic grass hedge around a pool creates a special feeling of being wrapped up in nature, even if the buzz of traffic can be faintly heard over the cascade of a customized fountain built especially to cover it up.

Artificial Grass: The Ideal Pool Landscaping Material

It’s possible to execute the designs above using live grass. But if you want a forever green, low-maintenance, and safe poolside landscape, artificial grass installation in Modesto CA is the way to go:

  • Less animal life. Many landscaping choices call for greenery, but live greenery can attract water-loving creatures such as frogs. Synthetic turf helps to ensure that you don’t share your waters with pond animals.

  • Less cleanup and maintenance required. Synthetic grass does not drop pollen and dead leaves into the pool. Fewer pollutants in the water means that you’re cleaning the pool less and enjoying it more.

  • Healthier water. Leaves, bugs, and animals in your pool water can pose a health risk. Fake grass does not contaminate your water, therefore allowing your pool to stay pristine longer.

  • Less upkeep. Artificial grass will never need watering or tending, automatically saving the pool owner time and money. It stays pretty much the same year in and year out, and in less extreme areas won’t even have to be taken in for the winter.

  • Safer choice. Unlike tile, marble, or slate, synthetic grass is non-slip. Placing a grid of synthetic grass around the pool can drastically cut down on the chance of accidents spoiling a day out.

  • No stagnant pools of water. Synthetic turf is designed to wick away water, keeping your pool area relatively dry and sanitary. A drier environment has no areas for pests like mosquitoes to breed in, or for bacteria and mold to develop.

Perfect Pools Begin with Artificial Grass

A pool is a great addition to your home, but bad choices in landscaping can quickly turn it into something that’s more trouble than it’s worth. Artificial grass in Modesto offers you the best of both worlds – the gorgeous greenery of live grass, and the ease of maintenance and safety of going synthetic.

Ready to enjoy a better poolside landscape? Call your local artificial grass company today!