Inspiring Ways to Refresh Your Landscape With Synthetic Grass in Houston, TX

lawnhomecare Oct 27, 2020 Backyard Designs
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Landscaping with synthetic grass in Houston, TX offers a lot of benefits to your home. When done right, it can increase your property’s value, prevent water runoffs and flooding, and improve your home’s ambiance. Enjoy these advantages and more when you get creative with your artificial turf installation.

Creative Artificial Grass Ideas for Landscaping

The great thing about landscaping with synthetic turf is its versatility. Artificial grass isn’t held back by the conditions limiting its natural counterpart (e.g., the need for regular watering, adequate sunlight, fertile soil, etc.).

With the help of expert installers, you can install it wherever you want in your landscape and have a stunning setup in just a few days.

Ready to beautify your home’s scenery? Draw inspiration from these creative ideas for artificial turf installation in Houston, TX:

  • Soften hardscape with lush turf.

Wood, stone, concrete, and other forms of hardscape bring order and uniformity to landscapes. However, if there is little to no greenery to offset them, they can make the setup cold and uninviting. Avoid this problem with synthetic turf.

Use artificial grass to soften hardscapes. You can use the lush, vibrant material to border your driveway. Use it to surround your pathways, spruce up your patio, and make your poolside area more appealing. You can even have it integrated into your pavers.

  • Create curves throughout your landscape.

Expert installers can cut artificial grass to fit spaces of all shapes and sizes. That means you don’t have to limit your installation to straight and geometric designs.

You can use artificial grass to edge your landscape amenities in curves to make their area more visually attractive.

  • Mix various types of artificial grass.

No rule says you should only use one type of synthetic turf for your artificial grass installation in Houston. So, feel free to use different kinds!

You can pick synthetic turf types that have to complement or contrasting properties, depending on your preferences.

Don’t forget to let your expert installers know that you are mixing grass types. That way, they can come to your home prepared to connect different types of artificial grass.

  • Build high grass-covered berms for privacy.

Berms are man-made hills that bring variety to a level patch of land. If there is an area or two in your landscape that could use for more privacy, consider forming grass-covered berms around it.

Make the ridges high to diminish noise and make the place less visible. This idea is best done with a synthetic turf that has a high pile height.

Enjoy the Full Benefits of Landscaping With Synthetic Grass

Besides enhancing your landscape looks and drainage capabilities, using artificial grass also simplifies your yard upkeep routine.

It’s easy to maintain. Just remove debris from its surface, hose it down occasionally, and brush up its fibers to keep them upright. On top of these, synthetic turf is also incredibly durable and weather resistant.

Make your landscape the best in your block. Get in touch with the best installers of synthetic grass in Houston, TX today to get started!