Installing Turf for Dogs in Palm Beach, FL: Should You Go for It?

lawnhomecare Oct 23, 2020 Pet Friendly Turf
Adorable Akita Inu Dog And Puppies On Artificial Grass Near Wind

Adorable Akita Inu Dog And Puppies On Artificial Grass Near Wind

Many pet owners choose to switch to artificial turf for dogs in Palm Beach, FL because of its benefits. So, what’s stopping you? Maybe you’re worried that artificial turf might harm your pets. Or, maybe you feel concerned about the thought of your pets destroying the synthetic turf.

Ease your worries with facts and check out honest answers to your questions about artificial grass and pets!

“Is Artificial Grass Pet-Friendly?”

Yes. Artificial grass does not need pesticides and fertilizers that can possibly be harmful to your pets. And without bare and burnt spots in the artificial lawn, your pets can play outside with minimized risks of accidents and injuries.

There is also a misconception that artificial grass is made of toxic materials. But the truth is that modern synthetic turf is made with high-quality and non-toxic materials, making it safe for your pets.

Just make sure that you are working with reputable installers offering superior artificial grass.

“Will Pet Waste Ruin My Artificial Turf?”

Your pet’s pee and feces shouldn’t be a problem for your synthetic turf in Palm Beach. Pet waste does not stain high-quality synthetic grass. However, this does not mean that you won’t have to regularly clean pet waste off your artificial turf.

The good news is that cleaning after your pet is easier with artificial grass. If you’re dealing with pee, all you need to do is to lightly rinse the area. You can also choose to soap the area or use turf deodorizer weekly or monthly.

For pet excrements, always pick it up immediately after your pet is done. This is to prevent the feces from hardening, which can make cleaning a little bit tougher.

“I Like to Golf. Can My Pet Pee Where I Play?”

The answer depends on whether you’re comfortable letting your pet do its business in your playing area. But if you’re worried that the pee will ruin your putting green, the short answer is no.

Putting green that’s installed properly and equipped with quality infill should be able to withstand anything. But if you’re not a fan of regularly maintaining your putting green, keep your pet off your playing area.

Instead, you can try setting up a separate play space for your furry buddy.

“Can Artificial Grass Survive My Pet’s Playfulness?”

Yes! Artificial turf is designed to survive your pet’s rough-housing, scratching, and digging. It might even try to chew on the blades, but a synthetic turf for dogs in Palm Beach, FL would still win.

“Will My Pet Like Artificial Turf?”

Artificial grass looks just like the real thing, and your pets won’t even be able to notice the difference. Also, artificial turf feels more comfortable compared to natural lawns. Not to mention that bugs won’t be biting them anymore.

To summarize it, yes! Your pet will absolutely love synthetic turf.

Artificial Grass That You and Your Pet Will Love

Your dog deserves a yard that it will love, and you deserve a yard many will adore. Achieve this with artificial turf! Pets love their natural feel, while owners get to enjoy a low-maintenance lush lawn. It’s a big win-win situation for pets and pet owners!

Ready to make the big switch? Consult local experts in artificial grass installation in Palm Beach, FL today!