Weekend Project Ideas: DIY Bathroom Décor Using the Best Artificial Turf

lawnhomecare Oct 22, 2020 Backyard Designs

Breathe new life into your bathroom with the best artificial turf! It’s realistic, evergreen, durable, and soft to the touch. It can be submerged in water and exposed to high humidity regularly without wearing out or getting damaged. Best of all, it’s easy to install with the right tools, so you can save on installation fees!

Artificial Grass Bathroom Design Ideas You Can DIY

Take inspiration from these awesome design ideas that use synthetic turf:

• Carpet the bathroom floor.
While you can cover your entire bathroom floor with synthetic turf, it’s best not to do so. Too much can make the green overwhelming.

It’ll also make it challenging to apply aesthetics that are not grass- or plant-focused in the space. Cover no more than half of your floor space with artificial grass.

• Green up sections of the floor in the bathroom.
Remove several tiles or panels from your bathroom floor and replace them with patches of the best artificial turf in San Jose. The synthetic grass will offset the hardscape beautifully.

You install turf at a pattern (e.g., grid, stripes, etc.) or at random, depending on the aesthetic you’re going for. Accent your vibrant flooring with an indoor plant or two.

• Make lush, green rugs.
This is the least invasive way to integrate artificial grass into your floor—fashion rugs of various shapes and sizes from synthetic turf. You can place it by the door, in front of the toilet, or by the shower area.

• Give mirror(s) a green background.
There’s usually an empty space around bathroom mirrors, whether they are located above the sink or hanging on one of the walls. Use that space to up your bathroom’s visual appeal. Cover it with artificial grass. The lush, green material will provide a beautiful background for the mirror.

• Cover mirror frame(s) with lush turf.
If you don’t want to cover the entire wall behind the mirror with synthetic turf, you can settle for covering the mirror’s frame. The best artificial turf offers a lovely contrast to the smooth reflective surface. Integrate synthetic plants or flowers into the structure if you want more embellishments.

• Spruce up the ceiling.
The ceiling is one of the least utilized surfaces in home improvement projects. Maximize it when you revamp your bathroom.

You can cover the entire ceiling or just portions of it, depending on the style you’re going for. Not only will artificial grass give the space a unique visual appeal, but it’ll also eliminate the chances of brown spots developing in the ceiling due to humidity.

• Make a grass accent wall.
Turn the least embellished wall in your bathroom into a design statement. Cover it with lush artificial grass. You can leave it as is or add various décors, such as framed pictures, artworks, or motivational quotes. Make sure any embellishment you add can withstand high humidity.

Use Artificial Grass Around Your Home!

Aside from the bathroom, you can install artificial grass in other places, such as your yard, balcony, porch, patio, poolside area, pet areas, and more. You can also use it to build the best putting greens and other sports settings. Talk to your synthetic turf supplier to learn more about the material and the various ways you can apply it around your home.