Beautify Your Property With Perfect Landscaping Berms Using Artificial Grass in San Antonio, TX

lawnhomecare Oct 22, 2020 Artificial Grass Hacks
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Berms are man-made hills built upon a level patch of land to enhance or add variety to a property’s design. However, ensuring these rounded mounds of soil look perfect and one with their surroundings can be difficult. Building it involves growing grass on a sloping surface. Fortunately, artificial grass in San Antonio, TX makes it a breeze to integrate berms into landscapes.

Artificial Grass Is Perfect for Building Berms

Whether you want to add variety to your flat property or just want to set your yard apart, you can’t go wrong with a berm that’s covered with synthetic turf. Here’s why artificial grass is perfect for building berms:

  • Retains lush looks and feel

    Unlike natural grass, which takes a lot of work to grow evenly on sloping surfaces, artificial turf retains its lush and vibrant texture with minimal upkeep. Once it’s installed, the only thing left to do is to keep it clean and debris-free.

  • Ensures efficient drainage

    Because berms are sloped and elevated, they can channel rainwater to some locations in your property, which can cause flooding. Prevent this problem by covering the berm and its surrounding areas with synthetic grass in San Antonio.

    Artificial turf comes equipped with an efficient drainage system. If you are placing your berm in an area that’s prone to flooding, let your synthetic grass installers know so they can make the necessary arrangements to prevent it.

  • Prevents erosion

    Berms are prone to eroding, especially if they’re not covered with grass or plants. Fortunately, this will never be an issue if your berm is covered with expertly installed artificial grass. The synthetic turf will keep the earth from deteriorating and protect it from the elements.

Considerations When Building Landscaping Berms

Below are the factors that you need to consider when integrating a berm or two into your property. Keep your synthetic turf installer in the loop of what you decide for each consideration to ensure a seamless artificial grass installation.

  • Function

    Yes, berms can be more than just a way to make a landscape look more interesting. They can also be used to raise plants to eye level for better appreciation, provide a windbreak, or create a noise barrier.

    If you already have or planning to install a putting green in San Antonio, TX, you can incorporate berms into its layout to make it more challenging.

  • Structure

    Once you’ve established your berm’s purpose, it’ll be easier to decide its structure, specifically its size, shape, and height. Here are some recommendations for various functions:

    • If you’re building a berm to give your plants a higher platform, it must reach up to eye level at least and have a slightly flat top.
    • If you’re building a berm to form a windbreak a noise barrier, it must be high and dense. Otherwise, it won’t be able to serve its purpose well.
    • If you’re building a berm to add variety to your landscape and beautify your property, feel free to go wild with its structure.

    A berm’s slope must be gradual to make it look natural. Size-wise, it is best to expand a berm’s base approximately five feet out in width for every foot of its height. Add more visual interest by giving the berm two or more peaks. Talk to your synthetic turf installer to learn more ways on how to make berms more visually appealing.

Level Up Your Landscape With Perfect Berms

If you’re unsure how to integrate one into your yard, consult the best installers of artificial grass in San Antonio, TX. They have a ton of experience in landscaping with berms and will be more than happy to help you incorporate one into your property.