Tips for Growing an Edible Garden on Your Synthetic Grass Installation

lawnhomecare Oct 1, 2020 Lawn Care Tips
backyard artificial turf

backyard artificial turf

An average household in the lowest income quantile spends roughly $4,400 or around 36% of their annual income on food alone. That is why having an edible garden is becoming more and more popular not just in the state but all over the country, as it helps families save money. And to save better, families are creating their own food gardens as part of their synthetic grass installation.

Edible Garden Features

To save money on food by creating a fruits and vegetable garden, the kind of plants as well as where to place them are two of the most important things you need to plan. Below are how you can use Miami, FL artificial turf for your edible garden!

  • A Patch That Stands Out

The vegetable patch you’re planning can both be useful and aesthetic if maintained well. And since plants already take so much effort and time to take care of, having to look after your lawn might already wear you out. This is why a lot of edible garden owners prefer using turf for their backyards.

Artificial grass doesn’t need maintaining as the materials it’s made of makes it durable in any season.

Unlike real grass, synthetic ones also help discourage weed growth that could potentially steal nutrients from your vegetables. Not only will your plants be healthier and be more colorful, the artificial turf’s lush greenery will also make your crops stand out.

  • A Soft, Green, Non-Slip Walkway

Using artificial grass for your garden’s walkway will help you tend to your plants better. Its porous backing and the non-slip surface will help your feet get a grip even when it got wet from the rain or your watering can. And unlike pebbles, you can easily push and pull heavy carts filled with gardening equipment and tools without worrying about ruining the lawn.

  • A Separate Propagation Spot

Not everything you plant will grow successfully. Some will not yield and can possibly just become a competition for nutrients for other yielding plants. This is why having a propagation spot or nursery, is important in any edible garden.

To create a propagation spot, you can use strips of artificial grass to create borders with tiny squares. This is where you can place the seedlings before they are permanently planted.

The borders made of artificial turf will help ensure that older plants will not rob space or nutrition for the growing seedlings. Synthetic grass installation will also discourage weed growth which could also be a competition for nutrients for the seedlings.

Create a Beautiful Edible Garden with Synthetic Grass

Edible gardens that use synthetic turf not only helps you but the environment as well with the amount of water you can save.

Aside from reducing your water bill, it also takes away other expenses such as pest control products since bugs can’t prosper in the fake grass. You can now rest easy knowing that your plants, family, and pets will be safe from both air and food toxins.

To get started with your edible garden journey or to explore other applications like artificial putting green grass, call your local installers today.