The Ultimate Pet-Friendly Yard Uses the Best Artificial Grass for Dogs in Austin

lawnhomecare Sep 30, 2020 Pet Friendly Turf
artificial grass for dogs
artificial grass for dogs

A pet owner’s best ally to creating a perfect petscape is the best artificial grass for dogs in Austin. Even professional dog kennels and vets are switching to artificial grass for all its benefits. And if the pros are using it, then it will definitely be great for your canine companion.

But what makes it the ultimate landscaping element for pet-friendly yards?

Artificial Grass is Pet-Safe

Artificial grass is both safe for pets and safe FROM pets. Its many features make it ideal for a pet-friendly landscape. Below are five key characteristics that make it a choice for both residential and professional pet-related use.

Can withstand dog-related activities

Most artificial turf installation near me are pet-safe and durable. Dogs cannot dig it up and ruin the entire lawn with bald patches. It will not rip and tear from snagging on doggie nails when they run and jump around. Most importantly, repeated exposure to pet waste will not damage synthetic grass. This makes it the perfect ground covering for any pet-friendly yard.

Can be disinfected

It’s very likely that dogs will use the artificial grass lawn for their “business”. This makes in necessary to sterilize the turf after cleaning away pet wastes. Sanitizing a natural grass lawn would damage the grass causing it to brown and whither. This is not a concern with Austin artificial grass. Use a mild disinfectant and spray it over the entire turf. Do this regularly to maintain a sanitary environment for the entire family.

Reduces fleas and ticks

Artificial grass creates an environment that’s inhospitable for parasites. Fleas and ticks can’t live in the blade itself because it isn’t an organic material. There is also no soil on the surface necessary for nesting. Artificial grass doesn’t get rid of fleas and ticks. It just makes the environment less hospitable for these common pet parasites.

Doesn’t require potentially dangerous tools

Keeping turf in its best condition doesn’t take much effort. It certainly doesn’t need any specialist equipment. All you need is a broom or brush to remove any debris that has collected on the surface of the turf. Use a non-metal rake if a brush is not available. This makes it less likely to damage the turf. There will be no need to keep garden shears and other sharp gardening tools to maintain synthetic turf. That makes it less likely for any accidents to occur in relation to gardening.

No added chemicals

The best artificial grass for dogs used in Austin homes is nontoxic. What’s more, they do not require any additional chemicals to keep them looking healthy and even. There’s no need for insecticides and fertilizers. All these chemicals can prove to be poisonous to dogs. Even compost and mulch can pose canine health hazards. Artificial grass does not require any of these additional substances. This helps keep the environment safe not just for the dogs but for the entire family too.

Create the Ultimate Pet-Friendly Yard

Artificial grass strikes a great balance between your pet’s needs and the upkeep needed. It helps create a safe and healthy environment for the entire family. It’s the no-hassle landscaping solution that both you and your dog deserve. After all, who wouldn’t want to create the ultimate outdoor haven for their dogs?