Keep Artificial Grass for Dogs in Tampa Looking Fresh with these Habits

lawnhomecare Sep 26, 2020 Artificial Grass Hacks
cleaning artificial grass

Seeing artificial grass for dogs in Tampa homes is now becoming more common. Artificial turf is a nontoxic and convenient landscaping element that’s harmless to the entire family. It’s also low maintenance, durable, and easy to clean making it a hassle-free landscaping option.

Part of turf’s regular upkeep is keeping it clean and odor-free. This will help keep it in top condition throughout its entire average lifespan of 10 years. If dogs also use the artificial grass lawn, routine upkeep activities become even more important.

Maintenance Tips for Dog Owners

The entire upkeep routine for artificial grass consists of three simple activities. Do them daily, weekly, and monthly. Do them more often if dogs are also using the yard for their bathroom activities. This helps keep the environment safe for the entire family.

Get rid of debris

Dust, leaves, and other airborne debris will accumulate on turf as it does on natural grass lawns. This is expected on turf that’s used outdoors.  Don’t let this debris decompose on the surface of artificial turf in the Tampa, FL sun or unpleasant smells may develop.  This becomes a more serious concern when pet wastes is also left on the turf.

Keep the turf surface clean and odor-free with a soft brush or a non-metal rake. A metal rake has sharper and stiffer prongs making it likelier to damage the turf. Be careful not to use too much force when brushing the turf.

For pet wastes, it’s best to let it dry out before cleaning it up. For everything else, a thorough brushing will avoid any buildup of debris. This also helps return any flattened blades to their original orientation.

Hose it down

Hose down the entire turf with water at least once a month. This helps to get rid of any debris not picked up during brushing. The water also loosens any dried dirt and mild stains that can then be wiped away with a sponge or cloth. Don’t worry about flooding or damaging Tampa synthetic grass by hosing it down. A built-in draining system ensures that water does not collect on the surface of the turf.

Immediately spray the area a dog pees on to neutralize and wash away the urine. Act immediately to avoid any unpleasant spells developing on the turf.

Disinfect the turf

Regularly sanitize the artificial grass for dogs in your Tampa home. Use a gardening hose with a spray attachment to disinfect the turf at least once a month. This helps avoid the buildup of bad odors as well as bacteria.

Fill the spray attachment with your sanitizing spray of choice. Use a mild detergent, a vinegar solution, or a commercial turf disinfectant. Spray the turf and let it sit for five to ten minutes before rinsing it out thoroughly. For commercial products, follow the manufacturer instructions.

When disinfecting the turf, pay special attention to the dog’s bathroom area. Bacteria is likelier to collect that often sees pet waste.

Make it a Habit

The easiest way to maintain artificial grass is to make maintenance a habit. Do it regularly so it doesn’t pile up and cause bigger issues in the long run. Protect your family as well as your investment by keeping the artificial grass lawn at its best.