It’s all Fun, Games, and Safety on the Green with Synthetic Grass on Long Island Yards

lawnhomecare Sep 25, 2020 Artificial Grass Hacks
play putting Green with Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass in Long Island is used in more than just professional and commercial settings. Golf enthusiasts in particular are seeing the benefits of using synthetic grass to design personal putting greens. It is highly customizable, low maintenance, and it is nontoxic. This allows for a backyard putting green that’s safe for both kids and pets.

A Fun and Safe Backyard Putting Green

Even with such a reliable and consistent ground covering for the yard, it’s still important to take some safety precautions. Here are a few things to be mindful of to make sure your putting green stays safe as well as fun.


Regular upkeep is necessary especially for backyard putting greens. This is to maintain consistency on the course and therefore for every game played on that course. Luckily, artificial grass for Long Island homes is very easy to maintain. Make sure no debris is caught in the turf by regularly brushing and hosing it down. This ensures that the turf has no unnecessary bump or roll that may interfere with your game.


Planting trees and putting up shade structures can become problematic for natural grass lawns. Grass growing in the shade has a greater tendency to thin and become patchy making for an uneven course.  For synthetic grass, however, the shade will not affect its thickness and uniformity. This way you can avoid heatstroke or sunburn while playing outdoors without affecting the consistency of the putting green.

Windows and glass doors

Nothing can dampen a spirited round of golf like accidentally shattering a glass window or door. The broken glass may cause injuries and it may also damage the synthetic grass on Long Island yards with its sharp edges.  So when finalizing the location of your backyard putting green, make sure to orient it away from as many windows and glass doors as possible.


As mentioned above, a flying golf ball can cause unintended concerns when you do not take the necessary safety precautions. One of these precautions is putting up appropriate fencing around your backyard putting green. This will help avoid potential issues with neighbors brought about by any stray golf balls. Or if you decide to add sand bunkers to the course, this will keep the sand from the neighbor’s yard. Incidentally, putting up fencing will also help make ball retrieval less of a hassle.


Install enough lighting fixtures in the backyard to enjoy your backyard putting green at any time of the day. Place lights up high to illuminate wide areas of the course. Be sure to also place lights on ground level or perpendicular to the ground to bring out the details of the dips and rolls. Work with artificial grass installers in Long Island to plot out where the fixtures and wiring will be prior to installing the putting green.

Make Safety Par for the Course

Building a backyard putting green is supposed to be about creating a space for fun and entertainment. But it’s also important to include basic safety precautions for everyone’s continued enjoyment.