With No Fuss and No Muss, Synthetic Grass in St. Louis is Helping Pet Owners take Better Care of their Dogs

lawnhomecare Sep 24, 2020 Pet Friendly Turf
pug dog resting on artificial grass

pug dog resting on artificial grass

More pet owners are switching to synthetic grass for their St. Louis yard. The goal is to create a safe and healthy environment for dogs as well as the entire family. But what is it exactly about artificial turf that makes it perfect for households with dogs?

Why Synthetic Grass is Best for Dogs Owners

Synthetic grass is the perfect option for pet owners who want the look and feel of a natural grass lawn without all the fuss. And when it comes to dogs, there is bound to be an extra fuss in maintaining both the natural grass lawn and the health and safety of the dog. Here are four top reasons why synthetic grass is a pet owner’s new best friend.

Easy to clean

One major struggle of dog owners is cleaning up after the dog every single day. Installing artificial grass on St. Louis yards helps to make that task easier.

On the natural grass lawn, pet wastes, particularly urine, is left to be absorbed into the ground. Though this may serve in the short-term, down the road it may cause issues for the dog and the entire family. This is because pet waste build-up can also cause an accumulation of unpleasant odor. It may also become a breeding ground for potentially harmful bacteria especially since there is no way of disinfecting the ground without ruining the grass.

With artificial grass, cleanup is no fuss. A quick hose down immediately after the dog relieves itself will wash away and dilute the urine. This will also help avoid any buildup of unpleasant smells. It is also advisable to regularly spray the turf with disinfectant to get rid of bacteria.

Low Maintenance

There is no need to hire a gardener every two weeks to tend to an artificial lawn. It doesn’t need any special equipment in order to keep it looking green and even. You don’t even have to worry about changing weather causing the lawn to brown and become uneven. This means you can forget about needing to install sprinklers and having to feed the grass.

The only tools needed to maintain an artificial turf in St. Louis is a soft brush or non-metal rake and a garden hose with a sprayer attachment. Regular brushing or raking gets rid of any debris that may have accumulated on the turf. It also helps realign piles or “blades of grass” that may have been flattened or trampled down. On the other hand, a regular hose down with water and disinfectant keeps turf clean and bacteria-free.


Most artificial turf is composed of piles made of polypropylene or nylon materials. These materials are incredibly long-wearing making the average lifespan of artificial grass to be at least 10 years. It is waterproof, weatherproof, and non-flammable. It can take almost anything a hyperactive dog can dish out without being torn or pulled out.

Turf can take thorough cleansing and disinfecting without being damaged or corroded in any way. This durability makes it easier to deal with any dirt or stain on the turf especially when it comes to pet wastes.


Installing synthetic grass on St. Louis yards helps to create a safer environment not just for dogs but for the entire family. Artificial turf needs very little attention to keep it green and even all year long. There’s no need for fertilizers, anti-pest sprays, and weed killer. This lessens the risk of exposing your family to potentially dangerous substances.

No-Fuss, No Muss

Synthetic grass helps pet owners create a fun and safe environment for the entire family. It allows dogs to live their best life without adding pressure on pet owners. No-fuss, no muss, no mess.