Boosting Curb Appeal with Manteca Artificial Grass Putting Greens and Other Turf Projects

lawnhomecare Sep 23, 2020 Artificial Grass Hacks
Manteca Artificial Grass Putting Greens and Other Turf Projects

If you want to increase the property value of your Manteca home, there’s one step you can do: improve its curb appeal. From artificial grass putting greens in Manteca to black doors, here are ideas you can undertake:

Creative Uses of Artificial Turf

Did you know that the best artificial turf in San Jose can beautify your home in many ways? This is possible because synthetic grass is very versatile and can be adapted for lots of different uses. Don’t be afraid to add to your home’s overall appeal by getting creative with artificial turf.

  1. Sheds

    If you have a large yard, consider building or buying a shed (there are already prefabricated ones on Amazon). These days, people want a quick escape from the noise and clutter, and homeowners can use sheds as a home office or a cabin retreat.

    Sheds can also help you earn extra income by converting it into a separate room or studio for your transient or long-term guests.

  3. Black Door

    In a 2018 Color Analysis report, Zillow revealed that black is the best color for the front door. It can increase the resale value by over $6,000 while the investment could cost less than that.

    Why are black doors such a hit? According to color psychology, this shade represents luxury or first class. It also allows your front door’s color to pop, so it compels future home buyers to take a second look.

  5. Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Manteca

    Hundreds move to California not only to look for a job but also to enjoy its climate and golf courses. What better way to attract them than to convert your yard into a putting green.

    The best artificial grasses are highly resistant to sudden changes in the season or weather. They also don’t need watering or extensive maintenance, so potential buyers can save a lot of cash from water. They are also pet- and child-friendly.

    The color remains the same throughout the year. That also works to your advantage since your home can stand out should you decide to sell your property during winter when people have more time to join open houses.

  7. Clear Walkways

    Potential homebuyers are likely to own a car or plans to have one, so to boost curb appeal, consider adding a garage. If that’s an expensive project for you, you can opt for clear walkways.

    To save further and encourage more potential buyers, pair this with artificial grass in Manteca. Artificial grass will remain the same height nor will it grow out. And thus, it will not cover the walkways.

  9. Decking

    Decks are a great addition to the yard. It’s a great space for hanging out with friends and family during summers, Christmas or just about any occasion. Decks are also great for increasing the space or square footage without spending tons of money.


Skip the DIY

You may consider your budget when undertaking any curb-appeal project but never scrimp on quality. Avoid going DIY and spend on professionals. If you’re planning to install artificial turf in Manteca, look for companies that specialize in residential projects for years.