Things to Know Before, During, and After Atlanta Grass Installation

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Things to Know Before, During, and After Atlanta Grass Installation

Atlanta grass installation might be something you’re ready to try. However, this is a big home improvement project. You won’t be able to use your yard while the installation is ongoing. You may also have to adjust your schedule to give way to the installers. While they will take care of everything, it helps to know what to expect so you can prepare yourself and your family.

An Overview of the Turf Installation Process

The entire process is pretty straightforward when supervised by an experienced installer. But they must be given enough time to complete everything. This is especially important if you want your yard ready for a birthday, get-together, or another upcoming occasion.

The project will go more smoothly if you know what to expect. Here’s how the entire installation process usually goes:

  • Preparing the Turf Installation Site

    Preparation starts way before the technicians even step foot on your property. If you’re on a schedule, it pays to know that spring and summer are busy seasons for installers. Therefore, book them in advance to meet your deadline.

    You must give them enough lead time to inspect your lawn. They also need to determine the right measurements and design based on your preferences.

    Existing gardens are then cleared of foliage and excavated, if necessary, to level the surface. Afterward, artificial turf in Atlanta is transported to your location rolled up like a carpet. This protects the blades from creases and wrinkling.

  • It minimizes the risk of trips and falls

    Natural lawns can hide an uneven surface and other tripping hazards. They can also get slippery when wet, making them dangerous after rains. Reduce these risks by covering your yard with artificial grass in San Antonio, TX.

    Installers ensure that the ground is level before laying down synthetic turf. Regardless of the activities it accommodates and the amount of traffic it gets, the synthetic turf will stay as even as the day of its installation.

    Finally, artificial grass doesn’t get slippery when wet. It comes equipped with an efficient drainage system, so you don’t have to worry about muddy puddles on your lawn.

  • Laying Down the Artificial Grass

    Before the grass is laid down, the drainage system is prepared on top of the soil. A layer of gravel is spread evenly across to form the foundation. Synthetic grass is then unrolled over it and anchored in place with spikes.

    For 2-piece turf installations, the crew aligns the seams together, making sure that the grass is angled in one direction. Any excess material is cut off with a knife. Sand is then spread all over the turf with a broom to weigh everything down.

    This phase takes anywhere from 1-3 days depending on the size of the garden, design, and the number of technicians.

  • Artificial Grass Installation Aftercare

    You may notice some crinkles and bumps on your Atlanta putting green or yard right after it’s installed. These are normal. They come from the stress the turf goes through because of the transportation and foot traffic. It eventually evens out after a few months.

    After the installation, expect to spend much less time maintaining your yard. Simply hose it down from to time to get rid of dirt and dust. Brush the fibers every few months to keep them lush.

    Fallen leaves and debris have to be collected, though they don’t damage the turf if left alone for a while. Pet waste, on the other hand, has to be removed and the area washed immediately with a gentle cleaning solution to prevent long-term damage.


Call Your Local Artificial Grass Experts!

The steps involved are simple, so there’s no need to do anything major to prepare your property. The installers will take care of everything. The better you understand the process, however, the fewer issues there will be along the way. To start your project, reach out to a local Atlanta grass installation company in your area.