Simplify Lawn Upkeep with Artificial Grass in Stockton

lawnhomecare Sep 13, 2020 Lawn Care Tips
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Want to have a beautiful lawn without spending hours cultivating and maintaining grass? Invest in top-quality artificial grass in Stockton. Because it’s not alive, it’ll stay as lush and vibrant as the day of its installation with minimal upkeep. It also doesn’t need most of the chores that its natural counterpart needs to thrive.

8 Lawn Upkeep Chores that Artificial Grass Doesn’t Need

These are the lawn maintenance tasks that you can forget after installing synthetic turf:


Natural grass needs a ton of water to thrive, even more so during the summer months. Conserve water and reduce your water bill when you go synthetic. The only time artificial grass would need water is when it needs a good rinsing, which is definitely not a daily requirement.


Artificial grass doesn’t grow. It retains the ideal lawn height no matter how much time passes, so there’s no need to mow it. This means you can retire your lawnmower and forget about all the chores and costs involved in maintaining it. You can also say goodbye to grass trimmings getting stuck to your clothes every time you spend time on your lawn.


Because you don’t need to trim or mow artificial grass in Stockton, there won’t be any trimmings to rake, gather, and bag. Of course, it’s a different story if there are trees or plants near your synthetic lawn. Even then, raking will probably only take a fraction of the time that’s expected from clearing a recently trimmed or mowed lawn.


A synthetic lawn is not conducive to weed growth. Only the most persistent weeds can break through its surface. Equip your artificial lawn with a weed membrane, and you can say goodbye to weed problems for good.


Natural lawns are seldom completely lush and green. Some of their areas may have uneven or no grass growth at all due to various reasons, such as uneven sunlight and poor soil.  Most people reseed their lawns several times to fix this. Because it’s not alive this is not an issue with synthetic turf.  It stays consistently green and “healthy” all throughout.


All artificial turf installation in Stockton doesn’t need fertile soil to look and feel good, which removes the need for fertilizers. In fact, you can install it on surfaces other than soil, such as wood and concrete, without any problems. Feel free to extend your lawn to your porch or patio.

Addressing divots

Lawns that get a lot of foot traffic, accommodate heavy equipment and endure pet activity often accumulate holes and divots over time. These are tripping hazards that must be refilled with soil. Artificial grass is more resilient than its natural counterpart. It can accommodate constant use and heavyweights without sustaining damage and developing divots.

Applying pest control solutions

Synthetic turf doesn’t attract insects because it can’t provide them with food and shelter. As a result, the animals that feed on lawn-loving critters will also steer clear of your yard. This removes the need for costly and toxic pesticides.

Enjoy a Picture-Perfect Lawn with Minimal Maintenance

Spend less time maintaining your lawn and more time enjoying it when you switch to synthetic grass in Stockton. Aside from its easy upkeep requirements, it also boasts exceptional durability and weather resistance. It’ll stay lush and beautiful for up to 15 years or more. Schedule an appointment with your local installer today to get started!