Creative Ways to Install Artificial Grass in Monterey Indoors

lawnhomecare Sep 12, 2020 Backyard Designs
cutting indoor artificial grass

From painting the walls green to choosing décor in verdant hues, there’s no shortage of ways to integrate a touch of nature to your indoor spaces. However, nothing brings in the great outdoors better than indoor plants. If you want to liven up your home with greens, you can install artificial grass in Monterey.

Ways to Install Synthetic Grass Around Your Home

Besides being an evergreen, durable, and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass, synthetic turf is also an excellent interior design material. You can install it on just about any type of surface, so there’s almost no limit to its creative application. Here are some of the best ways to integrate artificial grass around your home:

Carpet a room.

Give your floor a unique makeover with synthetic turf. It is a simple and quick way to spruce up your interior design. Plus, it looks way more appealing than hardwood or cold concrete.

Use vibrant artificial grass as a carpet in your living room, and you’ll surely leave a lasting impression on your guests. You can also use it on spaces that can benefit from its lush texture such as the basement, playroom, and balcony.

Make an accent wall.

Want to make your walls more memorable without repainting them or investing in décor? Cover some of them with artificial grass in Monterey. This will break the monotony on the wall while adding a pop of green to space.

Spruce up your stairs.

Because most people don’t pay much attention to their staircase, it is often overlooked in home improvement projects. Set your stairs apart with synthetic grass. Cover the steps with the soft turf to make them more appealing to bare feet and lessen the risk of slips.

Cover a portion of your bathroom floor.

Artificial turf in Monterey, CA creates a non-slip surface with its textured material. If you live with children or older people, consider covering a part of your bathroom floor with synthetic turf to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

If you have leftover artificial grass, don’t discard them or let them gather dust in your attic. Get creative. Use them to make your serving trays, coasters, and placemats more resistant to spills. Other home fixtures that can benefit from a synthetic turf upgrade include tables, shelves, cabinets, furniture, aquariums, and hanging décor.

Spruce Up Your Indoor Spaces with Synthetic Grass

Make your home safer and more appealing when you install artificial grass in Monterey. To get the most out of synthetic turf, consider the location, purpose, and its users.  Schedule an appointment with your local artificial grass installers today to get your project started!