Most Common Myths About Artificial Grass Putting Greens in Bend

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Myths About Artificial Grass

Are you on the fence about switching to synthetic turf? With so many myths surrounding artificial grass putting greens in Bend, it’s natural to second guess the decision. The key is to do your research and separate the fact from fiction. Discover the truth behind five of the most common myths surrounding artificial turf!

Top 5 Myths About Artificial Grass

Still not convinced? Take a look at the most common misconceptions about artificial grass, now debunked with facts:

Myth 1: Artificial Grass Is Not Eco-Friendly

Fact: In comparison to real grass, artificial grass has more environmental benefits. Did you know that a healthy grass lawn requires 55 gallons of water per square foot per year?

Now imagine watering your grass lawn for the next 15 years. That would use up to 660,000 gallons of water! But with synthetic turf, you can immediately reduce water consumption.

Aside from saving water, reputable synthetic turf companies use recyclable and sustainable products, further reducing waste.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also reports that a push mower used to maintain real lawns emits pollution equivalent to 11 cars. As for a riding mower, it can emit pollution as much as 34 vehicles. Since you never have to mow turf, this significantly reduces the amount of pollution your backyard produces.

Myth 2: Synthetic Turf Gets Extremely Hot

Fact: Artificial turf does get warm, but it never gets unbearably hot. Most turf products now feature fiber innovations that do not absorb heat from direct sunlight. There are even turf products that deflect sunlight to allow cooler artificial grass. So during hot days, your children and pets can enjoy outdoor activities without discomfort.

Myth 3: Artificial Turf Is Only For Sports

Fact: In the 1960s, professional sports leagues started to use artificial turf. But following the technological advancement of artificial grass putting greens in Bend, residential and commercial spaces have begun to switch to synthetic turf.

Aside from the ease of maintenance, it is easy to get creative with artificial grass. From your rooftop to the balcony, the possibilities are endless!

Myth 4: Artificial Turf is Expensive

Fact: Synthetic grass installation in Bend is not as expensive as you think. Naturally, installing artificial turf requires an upfront investment.

However, contemplate on how long you and your space would benefit financially from the turf. The fact is synthetic turf can last up to 15 years or more!

Imagine the money you can save, because you’ll never need to purchase garden tools, fuel, fertilizers, and pesticides to keep your lawn flawless.

Myth 5: Artificial Grass Looks Fake and Cheap

Fact: Years ago, synthetic turf did look like a carpet with shiny green strips attached to it. However, the latest generation of artificial grass offers a more realistic look, mimicking natural grass appearance, including different shades of green and density.

Not only do newer artificial grass models look natural, but they also feel real and soft to the touch.

Making the Big Switch to Artificial Grass

Discovering the facts about artificial grass in Bend, Oregon is the first step towards a better backyard. Excited to finally make the big switch? Reach out to your local Bend installers today!