Tips for Long-lasting Artificial Grass Installation in Modesto, CA

lawnhomecare Aug 31, 2020 Lawn Care Tips
artificial grass backyard tips

Installing artificial grass on a lawn is a wise investment for homeowners for a variety of reasons. It is low maintenance, pet-friendly, and stays green all year round! Artificial turf in Modesto contains hard-wearing material that can last for years. However, it is not immune to damage.

To protect your investment from damage and promote its longevity, here are some tips for long-lasting artificial grass installation.

Do not smoke cigarettes on or near artificial grass

Artificial grass is made of plastic polymers that are resistant to fire. However, the burning ash from cigarettes can melt the plastic fibers of synthetic grass in Modesto, CA. The turf will not catch fire but this could result to unsightly melted spots. It is best not to smoke near the turf.

Do not use a grill or fire pit on or near artificial grass

Much like burning ash from cigarettes, stray ember and burning coal from grills and fire pits can also damage artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA. Worse, if a grill gets knocked over, burning coal will land on the turf and may result to irreparable damage. The best thing to do is to keep grills and fire pits as far away from synthetic grass as possible.

Do not vacuum artificial grass

It could sometimes get frustrating when small debris get stuck in between artificial grass blades. However, never use a vacuum cleaner on artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA under any circumstance. The strength of a vacuum cleaner’s suction can damage the turf. Just use a plastic brush or hose down the turf to get rid of accumulated small debris.

Do not expose artificial grass to reflected sunlight

Outdoor artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA can withstand the heat coming from the sun. It does not melt under direct sunlight. Unfortunately, artificial turf will melt when exposed to reflected sunlight. Sunlight can be reflected by your windows or windows from your neighbor’s property. Glass magnifies the sun’s rays and the heat produced from this process can melt the plastic polymers that make up artificial grass.

Ensure that there are no reflected light sources nearby when installing artificial grass. In case this was not considered prior to installation, look for possible reflected light sources and address them before it is too late.

Do not put sharp-edged furniture on artificial grass

Artificial grass is strong enough to withstand heavy objects placed on top of it. But, it will easily get damaged by sharp objects. Make sure the legs of garden furniture are not sharp enough to slice through the turf’s backing. Always check the furniture for sharp edges.

Longer Life for Artificial Grass

With these easy to follow tips, you are sure that artificial grass will last for a considerably long time. Artificial grass is long-lasting but not taking precautions against damage can lead to a shorter life span. Protect your investment by protecting artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA from irreparable damage.