Top Reasons to Use Sand Infill for Artificial Grass in Manteca

lawnhomecare Aug 29, 2020 Artificial Grass Hacks
sand infill turf

Homeowners often ask if they should use san infill for artificial grass in Manteca. Most professional installers recommend using sand infill. However, some might tell you otherwise. Read on to know why using sand infill is beneficial to an artificial grass installation and why you should not listen to those who say differently.

Benefits of Using Sand Infill

Should you ask an artificial grass installer in Manteca to use sand infill when installing artificial grass on your lawn? Yes, definitely. The sand infill may be an added cost but it helps prolong the life of the turf. Be wary of installers who say otherwise. Not using sand infill means lower costs and enables them to offer you lower prices just to get the job.

To better understand how sand infill helps make the most out of your artificial turf installation, here are some reasons why you should use sand infill.

Sand infill keeps artificial grass in the place

Sand infill adds a lot of weight to artificial turf in Manteca. It serves as a ballast that weighs down the turf. This prevents the turf from accidentally being lifted. The added weight lets the turf hug the shape of the lawn better.

When sand infill is properly installed, installing an additional edging system may no longer be necessary. If the lawn already has a hard edge like a path or a patio, the weight of the lawn will be enough to hold it in place.

Sand infill prevents rippling

Artificial grass expands when exposed to heat and contracts when exposed to cooler temperatures. This cycle of expanding and contracting can cause ripples to form on the lawn. With sand infill, artificial grass in Manteca is pinned securely to the surface. Its added weight prevents rippling as the turf expands and contracts.

Sand infill increases artificial turf’s fire resistance

A fire-resistant lawn is ideal for a safe household. Most artificial grass nowadays is fire-resistant. However, in case the worse happens and a fire breaks out on your turf, the sand infill will prevent it from spreading throughout the lawn.

Note that it is still best to keep fire and ember away from artificial grass. It may not catch fire but it will still get damaged from the heat.

Sand infill improves drainage

Artificial grass is designed to let water and most liquids pass through. During heavy rains, the sand infill helps regulate water flow throughout the lawn by acting as a filter. This helps the subgrade to cope with the volume of water passing through it without flooding.

Sand infill keeps the lawn cool

It is a common concern that artificial grass gets hotter during summer. This is a common problem for lower-cost synthetic grass. There are artificial grass variants that come with a cooling technology but at a higher price.

Whichever type of artificial grass you choose, sand infill helps keep the lawn cool by reflecting sunlight and reducing heat absorption.

Enjoy Longer Turf Life with Sand Infill

Help your turf last longer by installing a sand infill. Remember that installing artificial grass is an investment. As such, do not cut corners on cost. Sand infill helps protect your investment by prolonging the life span of your artificial grass installation.