Avoid DIY Mistakes | Hire a Professional Artificial Grass Installer in Santa Rosa

lawnhomecare Aug 26, 2020 Lawn Care Tips
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The potential savings offered by DIY installation of artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA is enticing to a lot of homeowners. DIY installation is not impossible but it is prone to mistakes that could lead to additional costs instead of savings. Before making a decision, read this article first.

Common DIY Mistakes that are Costly to Correct

The following are some of the common mistakes encountered during a DIY installation. Read on to find out how you could end up spending more without checking if you are ready to tackle artificial grass installation without the help of a professional artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa.

Lumpy and bumpy surface

This happens when artificial grass is installed on a poorly prepared surface. Ground preparation involves the following:

1. Fully removing the existing lawn

2. Digging to provide a stable base for the turf

3. Levelling the ground, breaking up clods, removing roots, stones, and other debris

4. Compacting the ground

Depending on the type of soil on the lawn, more steps may be needed to prepare the ground. Take note that this is just the first phase of the installation. If the ground is poorly prepared, it would contribute to the degradation of the turf. Instead of artificial grass lasting for more than a decade, you may need to replace it after just a few years. That slightly raised bump could snag something that could damage artificial grass beyond repair.

Moreover, the smallest bump or lump on the ground is obvious on a generally smooth surface. This may not be visible up close during installation and may only be noticed after securing the turf on the surface. Imagine having to disassemble everything and going back to square one just because a spot was missed during ground preparation. Imagine all that hard work going down the drain.

If you’re intent on doing it yourself and not seeking the services of an artificial turf installer in Santa Rosa, be sure to do your homework.

Insufficient drainage

Another common mistake during DIY artificial grass installation is failing to provide adequate drainage. The ground has to be checked if it allows good drainage to avoid puddles from forming on the artificial turf. Constant water pooling on artificial grass in Santa Rosa, CA leads to mold, mildew, and weed growth.

If you have pets, this could pose a bigger problem because pet urine will be difficult to remove from artificial grass. Pet urine may also pool and get trapped on the turf’s base and cause unwanted odors to develop. This creates additional turf maintenance problems.

To correct this mistake, the installation will have to be completely removed. After which, the ground has to undergo preparation once again. If the soil does not allow good drainage, a layer of river sand will be added to speed up water drainage. It’s like an entirely new installation process.

Laying the turf rolls on opposite directions

Not all surfaces can be covered by one roll of artificial grass. Depending on the size of the area, several rolls may be required. Most DIYers fail to check if the artificial grass rolls are laid on the surface facing the same direction. This makes the installation look tacky.

It is difficult to see this mistake during installation but it is very obvious when looking at the lawn from afar. It is also difficult to correct especially of the edges have been secured. Depending on the size of the area to be corrected, you may need to uninstall everything and redo the turf installation.

Save Yourself from Mistakes and Headaches

The common mistakes listed above are just a few of the pitfalls encountered during a DIY installation. Depending on the gravity of the error, DIYers often end up shelling out more money rather than saving. Save yourself from these mistakes and the accompanying headaches and entrust your project to an artificial grass installer in Santa Rosa.