3 Urgent Signs You Should Switch to Artificial Grass in St. Louis Now

lawnhomecare Aug 25, 2020 Lawn Care Tips
yard artificial grass

Thinking about covering your lawn with artificial grass in St. Louis? Maybe you’re tired of maintaining your yard, mowing, watering, or encouraging it to stay alive despite it always looking bare and patchy. Perhaps your dogs are worsening the situation, forcing you to make them stay inside or sacrificing your outdoor space.

Trying to keep your backyard in top shape can be an uphill battle – and chances are, you’re not even at fault here. Sometimes, grass just fails to thrive for reasons outside your control.

Your lawn may have lousy drainage, or there’s too little sunlight getting into your garden due to the location of your home. The soil may not be suitable for grass. Whatever the reason, you’re finally tired of dealing with all of these issues.

Artificial turf in St. Louis has saved thousands of homeowners from giving up on their dream backyard. It’s time to go the same direction once you start noticing these red flags.

3 Reasons You Need Artificial Grass ASAP

Synthetic turf makes it possible to enjoy your backyard without all the headache that comes with natural grass. Once you start experiencing the following, it’s the right time to make the change:

No matter how much you try, your lawn just won’t grow

Regardless of how much time and effort you spend on it, some backyards just don’t have the necessary conditions for real grass to thrive.

Not only will this lead to a sick lawn, but you’re also wasting a lot of resources for a goal you may never achieve. This is one of the most common reasons why homeowners turn to artificial grass.

You’re always cleaning up muddy footprints and paw prints

It’s a bummer when your grassy lawn is wet for days after it rains. If you’re always having to avoid puddles and mud, it could be the last straw. Worse, this can also mean that your lawn has severe drainage issues. It can be a nightmare, especially if your dogs and children keep dragging mud and bacteria through the house! Fortunately, artificial grass in St. Louis, MO will solve all most yard drainage issues, along with keeping your backyard free of mud, flooding, and puddles.

You’re worried about outdoor safety

If you have decking on concrete, it can cause injuries due to inevitable trips and falls. Other hazards present on a natural lawn are allergens, toxins from lawn care chemicals, pests, toxic weeds, and more. The soil can also get too packed to provide a safe landing surface.

Because real grass has so many hidden dangers, a lot of parents are deciding in favor of artificial turf. Its soft and bouncy surface cushions landings. It’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and pet-friendly. Once you make the switch, enjoy total peace of mind every time your loved ones and pets spend time outside.

Make the Best Decision for Your Backyard and Home Today

If you’re currently struggling with these problems, it’s time to move forward with artificial grass in St. Louis. Talk to your local installers today to learn more about improving your lawn and home with synthetic turf!