Prevent Mould and Moss on Atlanta Putting Green

lawnhomecare Aug 24, 2020 Artificial Grass Hacks
Atlanta Putting Green

Mould and moss growth is rare for artificial turf in Atlanta. However, changing weather conditions can set the perfect environment for mould and moss growth. The spores can cling to the grass blades and potentially multiply if left untreated.

How to Prevent Mould and Moss Growth

Do not panic when you see mould and moss growing on your turf. The following steps help stop their spread and prevent them from coming back.

  • Prepare the turf for treatment


    Use a good quality brush or a leaf rake to remove mould or moss growth on the turf’s surface. Remember to avoid using a metal brush or rake to avoid damaging the turf. Brush off the turf to remove as much growth as you could.

    After brushing, use a power washer on Atlanta putting green to remove more excess growth. In the absence of a power washer, you can use a pressurized hose instead.

    It is important to remove as much growth as possible before proceeding to treatment application. The more you remove mould and moss from the turf, the lesser amount of mould or moss killer products will be required during treatment.

  • Apply treatment


    After removing excess growth on the turf’s surface, make sure the turf is dry before applying the treatment of your choice. There is a wide range of treatment available in the market. Be sure to use the one that suits your needs.

    For example, if you have a pet, make sure to use pet-friendly products. It is also advisable to use eco-friendly and natural products. Applying mould and moss killers on the turf will kill the remaining growth as well as the spores.

    Check the weather forecast before applying treatment. Give enough time for the product to dry to be most effective on Atlanta putting green.

  • Maintain the surroundings


    If there are trees or other plants around the artificial turf, it is recommended to conduct regular maintenance on them as well. Trim and prune trees regularly. Do this to prevent the accumulation of leaves that have fallen on the turf. Take note that leaves can trap moisture on Atlanta artificial grass and promote moss growth.

    Keep the surface free of leaves especially if the area is shaded. Regular brushing helps keep the turf free of organic debris.

  • Reapply treatment


    Mould and moss killers usually stay on the turf’s surface for months. Depending on the product, it could take around 12 to 18 months before reapplication is needed. Regular reapplication is recommended to ensure that there will be no mould or moss regrowth on the turf. Have a reapplication schedule or apply the product of your choice as soon as there are signs of fresh growth.


Keep Atlanta Putting Green at its Best

Keep mould and moss away from Atlanta putting green to keep it in excellent condition. Enjoy your games more and worry less about unwanted growth on your turf with these easy to follow steps. Keep the artificial turf clean and its surroundings well maintained.