Simple Ways to Maintain Your Backyard Putting Green in San Antonio, TX

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Simple Ways to Maintain Your Backyard Putting Green in San Antonio, TX

Many golf enthusiasts would love a backyard putting green in San Antonio, TX but hesitate due to lawn maintenance. Caring for real grass – monitoring soil, water, and sunlight conditions, applying fertilizer, cutting the grass with a professional mower, and seasonal upkeep – is just too much work to be worth it.

Artificial grass offers a practical solution to all of these issues. It requires very minimal upkeep while providing a pro-level playing surface.

If you’re thinking of installing a backyard putting green, you may be wondering what kind of maintenance you’re in for.

How to Maintain a Backyard Putting Green

Most of the work will happen in the first couple of months after putting green installation. Artificial turf in San Antonio, TX needs some time to settle in. Don’t worry because it doesn’t take much effort at all!

Give your putting green a few weeks to achieve its optimum performance level. To speed it up, brush and roll the surface frequently. This softens the fibers, achieves the desired green speed, and levels the infill. All of these are necessary to reach a true roll. Below is the recommended schedule for this task:

  • Month 1: In the heat of the sun, brush and roll your artificial putting green at least four times.
  • Month 2: Do it twice for the second month.
  • Month 3 onwards: Brush and roll only as needed.

Over time, you may notice the turf begin to los a bit of its deep green appearance. This is totally normal. This happens because the top dressing is settling down into the infill. Simply brush. Simply brush and roll as desired.

More Care Tips for Your Backyard Putting Green

Aside from brushing and rolling your backyard putting green, keep these maintenance tips in mind to keep artificial grass in San Antonio, TX in peak performance condition:

  • Keep fireworks, charcoal grills, candles, cigarettes, or any kind of flame away from the turf
  • Keep petrol-based chemicals like gasoline away from the surface
  • Remove debris like grass clippings, twigs, and debris ASAP; pick up by hand or use a leaf blower
  • Prevent mold growth by cleaning your turf with a 50/50 solution of bleach and water a few times a year
  • Rinse out pet waste immediately to prevent bad odors
  • Hose down spills as soon as you can to prevent staining the turf
  • For brushing, use a brush with synthetic bristles instead of metal to avoid damaging the fibers
  • While it’s not necessary since synthetic grass is UV-resistant, you may cover your turf during summer to avoid discoloration over the years

Enjoy a Private, Low-Maintenance Putting Green in San Antonio, TX

A backyard putting green in San Antonio, TX makes it possible to enjoy your favorite game in the comfort of home. Turf’s low-maintenance nature means you can spend more time playing golf instead of trying to keep your lawn alive. Call your local installers today to get started on your project!