Personalize the Artificial Grass Installation in your Dallas Home with These Designs

lawnhomecare Jul 20, 2020 Backyard Designs
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Most people think that artificial turf is boring because it all looks the same. In reality, any artificial grass installation in Dallas is fully customizable. In fact, you can customize it based on your needs and preferences.  Its adaptability is one of the reasons more homeowners are choosing artificial grass. Not only is it very easy to customize, but it is also durable and very easy to maintain.

The lawn is one of the first features people see when visiting homes. This is why it’s important to be deliberate in planning lawn designs as an extension of the home. Luckily, artificial grass allows you to design the ideal lawn that suits your personality.

Create Patterns and Designs on Your Lawn

Synthetic lawns don’t need to look all the same. There are many ways designs and patterns can be added to artificial grass Dallas. Homeowners can let their creativity shine. Here are some easy ways to personalize any yard.

Alternate turf with pavers

Using different textures for your lawn creates a pleasing contrast. You can create patterns and effects by combining landscape and hardscape.  Plus, the contrast between the softness of the artificial grass and the toughness of the pavers makes for an interesting lawn design.

There are a variety of pavers to choose from to suit different styles. Concrete tiles are easy to find and have a wide selection of colors. Stone and marble tiles create a more sophisticated look but come with a price tag to match. You can also use loose stone and gravel alongside artificial turf Dallas. Home depots are sure to carry an assortment of pavers you can choose from.

Pavers can be used to create paths going across the yard. They can also be set up like a life-sized chess board for chess enthusiasts. If you fancy diamond or zigzag patterns, alternate pavers on artificial turf.

Stripe the synthetic lawn

For a more subtle lawn design, striping is a good option. This involves creating stripes of grass that appear to be different colors. This is commonly done on natural lawns used for professional sports. But the same look is achievable on synthetic turf.

Making the stripes distinguishable depends on creating the illusion of differing colors. This is actually very easy to achieve by brushing the pile in alternating directions. Take a power brush to the synthetic turf. Then patiently and carefully brush the pile in the desired direction. Continue along the length of the yard before starting on the next stripe, this time brushing the pile in the opposite direction. The finished pattern in your synthetic turf will look subtle and professional.

Use different colored turf

Make artificial grass installation in Dallas more interesting with different colored turf. It doesn’t necessarily mean using drastically different colored turf altogether. Simply using different shades of green creates the illusion of rippling grass. In addition, using different pile heights and colors will further enhance the feel of a rolling meadow.

For a more drastic change in color, some may opt to actually paint their synthetic grass lawn. Paint a favorite design or symbol or perhaps an original artwork. Synthetic grass can after all withstand the paint. However, if you use non-water soluble paint such as acrylic or oil, any attempt to remove it with chemicals may damage the synthetic grass.

Create A Lawn You’ll Love With Artificial Grass

Remember that the lawn is still a part of your house. Be sure to plan and design it with as much care as the interior. With these ideas, hopefully, you can come up with a design that suits you the best.