Top 5 Safety Benefits of Artificial Grass for Dogs in Long Island, NY

lawnhomecare Jun 17, 2020 Lawn Care Tips

Dogs, by nature, like to play and explore outside. Hence, creating a safe environment for them is crucial. If you’re worried about your furry friend’s safety, consider installing artificial grass in Long Island, NY to create a safe, comfortable, and durable pet-friendly backyard.

How Can Synthetic Turf Keep my Dog Safe?

More and more pet owners are making the switch to synthetic grass for its tremendous benefits fogs. Some of these are:

  1. It is made of non-toxic materials.


    Synthetic grass in Long Island is made of non-toxic materials such as nylon. It does not contain any toxic chemicals that can harm your pet, in case he decides to try chewing it and no matter how much contact happens between him and the turf. Lead-safe synthetic turf allows your four-legged friend to play all day long without the risk of health hazards.


  3. It reduces pet injuries.


    Dogs can be aggressive when they’re playing, resulting in trips and falls. To make sure they’re safe all the time, consider installing synthetic turf in your yard. It features soft shock pads so that your dog can quickly get up when they fall over. Installing fake grass also removes hard patches and stones in your yard, making it safer for your dogs to chase each other around.


  5. It doesn’t need chemicals.


    You don’t need to worry about your dog licking the grass anymore when you install artificial grass in Long Island. It requires no chemical maintenance for the grass to thrive. Unlike a chemically-treated natural lawn that can harm your dog when playing outdoors, artificial turf is a safer choice.


  7. It helps to eliminate fleas and bugs.


    Are you tired of dealing with fleas and bugs? Installing artificial grass in Long Island is the solution to your problem. These pests cannot survive in fake grass, forcing it to find another place to breed. That makes your yard a safe place for your dog. Rest assured that after their playtime, they won’t go home infested with fleas and other parasites.



  9. It reduces hazards.


    When you install synthetic turf in your yard, it removes all sharp twigs, broken tree roots, and other hazards that can harm your dog. It only features the spongy grass that feels good under your pup’s paws. Some artificial grass is made of rounded silica granules. It has an anti-microbial coating that will stop any bacterial growth, keeping your dog safe.


 Install Synthetic Turf for Your Pet and Home

Your dog will never know the difference between natural lawn and artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY, but you know the truth: it’s safer for them. Installing synthetic turf will give you peace of mind that your dog will not end his playtime with injuries. For more information, you can call your local artificial turf experts today!