4 Ways to Determine the Right Timing to Install Synthetic Turf in Denver

lawnhomecare Jun 16, 2020 Lawn Care Tips

Synthetic turf is the best way to upgrade your garden without having to worry about constant upkeep to keep it beautiful. Before you plan on purchasing artificial grass, you need to determine the best time to install your synthetic turf in Denver for best results.

When is the Right Time to Install Artificial Grass?

Switching to turf is always an excellent decision, but if you’re not sure about your decision yet, timing is probably holding you back. Is it the right time to make the switch? These situations say yes:

  1. When constructing your new house


    In the process of building your dream house? Make it more beautiful by installing artificial turf. If you install it right from the start, you can design your landscaping without limitations.

    Artificial grass is versatile and can take any shape or size. You can also save some money on synthetic turf in Denver as there will be no existing grass to remove or a sprinkler system to buy. The installation will be quick and simple. Once installed, you can sit back and not worry about a replacement as it can last for up to 10 to 15 years with proper care.


  3. When your child is ready to play outside


    Synthetic turf is also beneficial to children. It features shock pads that lessens the impact of the fall if your kid trips over. When your child is eager to play outside and explore the world, make it safe by installing artificial grass. Your curious kid will be safe from falls up to 5 feet. Now you can let your child spend the entire day outside without worrying about safety!


  5. During a dry season


    Most artificial turf installers postpone their scheduled installations due to poor weather. You don’t want the heavy rain to be messing the construction site or making muddy tracks while the installers work. Hence, a great time to install your synthetic turf is during summer, or any dry period during the year.


  7. When you’re taking care of multiple pets


    Are you a pet owner with multiple dogs running around in the backyard? Then you should know that the best time to install synthetic turf is now.

    It can be frustrating to clean up real grass when your dogs do their business there. It is even more tiring when the grass is high, and you need to trim it before you can clean. With artificial grass for dogs in Denver, cleaning up will never be a problem. You can spray it off, and you’re good to go. It will keep both of you and your dog happy in the long run.


The Best Time to Install Synthetic Turf is Today!

Still on the fence about turf? That’s only natural when making such a big investment. The best way to help you make the right call is to consult the experts. Reach out to your areas’ most trusted turf company to learn more about artificial turf installation in Denver, CO.