4 Eco-Friendly Benefits of Installing Synthetic Grass in Tracy

lawnhomecare Jun 16, 2020 Lawn Care Tips

Installing synthetic grass in Tracy is one of the best ways to live a green lifestyle. This eco-friendly material provides a sustainable, grassy cover to your lawn without the hassle of real grass. If you are still hesitant in switching to synthetic grass, these eco-friendly benefits just might change your mind.

Why Artificial Grass is Great for the Environment

In terms of environmental friendliness, a lot of homeowners wonder if synthetic turf can actually be better than the real thing. The answer is yes, and here’s why:

  1. It conserves water.


    Synthetic turf doesn’t need anything to survive, not even water, unlike real grass that demands a lot of water during the growing season. The only reason you’ll need water for synthetic grass is to hose down dirt and dust from time to time. If you have pets, purchasing synthetic grass for pets in Tracy only means occasional washing every time they do their business there.

    The Synthetic Turf Council claims that synthetic grass can help to save over three billion gallons of water annually. If every house in the neighbourhood switches to artificial grass, then one-third of the residential water that is usually used for irrigating the lawn can be conserved. Not to mention that it also helps to decrease your water bill, too!


  3. It reduces carbon emissions.


    Looking for ways to reduce your carbon emissions? Install synthetic turf! Unlike real grass, you don’t need to use any equipment such as lawnmowers, scarifiers, and any tool that operates through gasoline. Regular use of these lawn maintenance equipment releases greenhouse gases that can destroy the environment.

    When using artificial grass, you don’t need to worry about trimming and maintaining your lawn. From day one, its greenery will remain no matter the season. Reducing your carbon footprint by installing synthetic turf also helps you to save money as purchasing expensive equipment won’t be necessary.


  5. You can recycle synthetic grass.


    Worried about covering your entire lawn with plastic and not being able to recycle it afterward? High-quality synthetic grass is made of sustainable materials. That means you can melt it down after it has served its purpose and create new materials. Even if your synthetic turf has been used as a putting green in Tracy, for instance, it remains durable and fit to be used for new materials.


  7. Artificial grass is not toxic.


    Another eco-friendly benefit of synthetic turf is its toxic-free nature. Using weed killers, insecticides, and fertilizers won’t be necessary to maintain your lawn. It means pets and kids are safe from potential diseases that it carries. There is no risk of these chemicals ending up to contaminate the water sources. You can also prevent damage to marine wildlife by switching to synthetic grass.


Are You Ready for an Eco-Friendly Lawn Switch?

Now that you know the benefits of synthetic grass in Tracy, it’s time to make the switch. Enjoy all the benefits of lush, green grass while caring for the environment at the same time. Call your local turf experts today to learn more!