Rental Building Beautification: Install Synthetic Turf in Charlotte, NC

lawnhomecare Jun 15, 2020 Backyard Designs

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your rental property? There’s a good reason why most landlords install green spaces in their condos, apartment buildings, and rental vacation houses. Not only does it make the space more beautiful, but it also makes it hassle-free to maintain. Understanding the benefits of synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC will help you understand why so many rental property managers are making the switch.

Benefits of Synthetic Turf for Rental Properties

Attract more residents, enhance their quality of life, and make your rental building a beautiful, pleasant place to live in by switching to turf:

  1. It adds value to your rental property.


    According to experts, installing synthetic grass in Charlotte, NC can increase your property’s value by as much as 20%. The lush, green synthetic cover offers a good impression, which makes it a great way to attract tenants.


  3. Artificial grass keeps short-term rentals clean throughout the year.


    If you own a holiday house, you’re most likely to look for short-term renters. Hence, your lawn must be in perfect condition all year long. Artificial turf can keep your rest house attractive any season. During winter and autumn, when rental property owners spend some time cleaning the yard, you can do more important things, such as scouting possible boarders. Rest assured that no matter the season, your vacation house will be ready for any guests who want to have a moment of relaxation.


  5. Synthetic turf is ideal for tenants with pets.


    If you own multiple rental properties, there is a big chance that one of your tenants is a pet owner. Pets are often an issue between a landlord and a tenant. The best way to resolve this is by installing synthetic grass. It makes it easier for the tenant to clean the lawn and maintain their area, plus it also gives you a pet-friendly selling point. Over 70% of tenants are pet owners, so if you refuse, it will take some time to find a new occupant. By upgrading your property with a pet-friendly lawn, you can make market your property easily.


  7. It keeps the building safe.


    As a rental property owner, it is your responsibility to keep your apartment safe. Installing Charlotte, NC artificial grass will do the trick. It reduces the impact of falls and trips thanks to its soft groundcover surface. There are no stones or tough terrains that can harm people when they fall. If your rental property has a pool, consider installing artificial grass. Non-slip pool surrounds can reduce accidents.


Upgrade Your Rental Property with Synthetic Turf

As a landlord, installing your rental property with synthetic turf in Charlotte, NC, is a good and long-term investment. To know more about installation, call your local artificial turf experts today!