The Worst DIY Mistakes You Can Make with Artificial Grass in Long Island

lawnhomecare Jun 10, 2020 Lawn Care Tips

Thinking of installing artificial grass in Long Island yourself? The prospect of saving a few dollars on labor costs may be tempting, but artificial grass installation is more complicated than most homeowners think. In fact, there are tons of mistakes you can make without the proper tools and experience. Know the top DIY turf installation mistakes, and why you should leave the job to professional installers instead.

Top DIY Installation Mistakes for Artificial Grass

Too many homeowners try their hand at DIY turf installation so they don’t have to pay for labor expenses. You can find a lot of installation guides online that make the process seem really simple.

Unfortunately, DIY installers often find themselves making errors that aren’t just expensive to fix, but can cause the entire installation to fail. Here are some:

  • Not levelling the ground properly


    Artificial grass in Long Island should be installed on a flat, even surface. There should be no imperfections like cracks in the concrete or tree roots, as these can cause wrinkles and tripping hazards. It’s hard to do this on your own, since you need equipment like plate compactors to level the ground and create a perfectly smooth surface.


  • Forgetting to install drainage


    Another common mistake among DIY installers, failing to install a drainage system will eventually result in a waterlogged yard. Professionals know how to prepare the base so that water can pass through unimpeded. They also know how to control the water run-off so it doesn’t cause flooding around your property.


  • Laying the Turf the Wrong Way Up


    Artificial grass usually has two shades for each side. Some homeowners are not aware of this, or find it hard to tell the two shades apart. Some end up laying turf the wrong side up, which results in a lawn with uneven colors.


  • Not Choosing the Right Turf for the Right Purpose


    Not all turf is the same. For instance, putting green turf is different from artificial grass for dogs in Long Island, NY. Using the wrong turf product for your project means it won’t function the way you intend it to.


  • Not Installing a Weed Barrier


    Looking forward to a weed-free yard? One of the most forgotten parts of artificial grass installation is laying down a weed barrier. However, having one is just the first step – you also need to know how to fit that barrier and remove all existing weeds prior to installation.


Trust the Pros with Your Synthetic Grass Investment

The thing is, know these myths and reading instructions on how to install turf is just one part of successful installation. Nothing can beat the years of experience the professionals have gained over the years. Other benefits of hiring a professional artificial grass installer in Long Island are:

  • Complete equipment and tools
  • Efficient installation
  • Error-Free Results
  • Fantastic Warranty
  • High-quality turf products
  • Excellent customer service and support
  • And more

Artificial grass is an investment, and to make the most of that investment, trust the experts for best results. Call your local artificial grass installers today to learn more about how to get started with your project.