DIY Artificial Grass Installation in Modesto, CA: 5 Common Mistakes

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5 Common Mistakes Installation

Planning on fitting artificial grass by yourself? Without the help of a professional, you’re risking serious issues with the results of your artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA. For such a significant and long-term investment, it is highly recommended to go with experts to avoid the consequences of turf installation failure.

Common DIY Mistakes with Synthetic Turf Installation

In most cases, installing artificial grass yourself is not a good strategy. Even the smallest error can cause the entire turf system to fail, leaving you with expensive repairs and an unattractive, dysfunctional yard. The pros can help you avoid these top DIY installation errors:

  1. Fitting synthetic turf on an uneven surface


    Professional installers know how to assess the surface before installing landscaping turf and putting greens in Modesto. It should be flawless without any cracks, tree roots, and other imperfections. They use heavy-duty equipment such as plate compactors to achieve a perfect, level surface when laying the artificial grass.


  3. Installing the turf with poor drainage system


    Another common mistake that DIY installers commit is neglecting the drainage system. Your artificial turf in Modesto must have an excellent drainage underlay. Otherwise you will end up with flooding plus mildew and mold growth since water cannot escape resulting in trapped moisture. Professional installers typically lay crushed concrete before the sand base for better drainage. It keeps the water from the surface and prevents puddles when it rains.


  5. Not placing a weed barrier


    Not installing a landscape fabric will allow the weeds to grow and push its way through the weed grass. When this happens, you need to remove the synthetic turf again and remove the weeds which can be tiring. Fitting a weed barrier before you lay your synthetic grass will save you from problems later on. Let the pros do this— any error and you don’t risk weeds, but issues with the entire turf system.


  7. Leaving the edges loose


    Some DIY installers think the job is done after laying the synthetic turf. This mistake can lead to a lot of backyard hazards. The edges of the artificial grass will curl and people can trip over it. Installation experts know how to secure the edges, so that no amount of foot traffic, harsh weather, and wear and tear can damage it.


  9. Disposing excess artificial grass


    You may think that part of the clean-up is throwing away the excess synthetic turf from your project. Don’t let this high-quality turf go to waste. You will never know when you’ll need to replace a patch of land with artificial grass. Keeping it ensures that you don’t end up with unmatched turf when you need a replacement.


Achieve Top-notch Results with Professional Installers

When it comes to artificial grass installation in Modesto, CA, it pays to invest in the experts just as much as high-quality turf. Local turf specialists have years of experience, the right tools and equipment, plus deep knowledge of the area to ensure installation success. Call your trusted turf provider today to learn more.